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March 18, 2017

S… T… E… Art… M

The Sunday Paper #150, March 19, 2017

Paper of the Week: Vellum

Vellum is probably the first translucent paper I discovered. It has a wonderful crisp quality that makes it perfect for cutting and folding. This project will be featured …

March 11, 2017

It's a Wrap!

The Sunday Paper #149, March 12, 2017

Paper of the Week: Wrapping Paper

I’m not certain that this is wrapping paper, but I don’t know what else to call it. You know those single printed sheets of maps, birds, butterflies, …

March 4, 2017

Keep America Beautiful

The Sunday Paper #148, March 5, 2017

Paper of the Week: The 50 Card Project

Melanie Mowinski made a card of FDR’s Four Freedoms on Inauguration Day. By the end of the three-color limited edition of 100 cards she decided …

February 25, 2017

Paper Windows

The Sunday Paper #147, February 19, 2017

Paper of the Week: PaperLove e-course

Here’s another papery online course that you might be interested in!

Registration is now open for Rachel Hazell’s PaperLove – starts 6th March 2017

Rachel believes that …

February 18, 2017

Paper Music

The Sunday Paper #147, February 19, 2017

Paper of the Week: Wood Grain

I used this woodgrain paper for a project that will be featured in the May/June 2017 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine (fyi, it isn’t out yet). …

February 11, 2017

All We Need is Love!

The Sunday Paper #146, February 12, 2017

Paper of the Week: Origami Papers

Earlier this week, I was in the Bay Area for CODEX, an amazing book fair. I also taught a short workshop at the SF Center for the …

February 4, 2017


The Sunday Paper #145, February 5, 2017

Paper of the Week: Not Paper!

I posted this image on instagram, and someone commented that she thought it was a sheet of my paper (wow, thanks)! Another commented that it looked …

January 28, 2017

Thoughts on Equality

The Sunday Paper #144, January 29, 2017

Paper of the Week: Equality Broadside

My biannual online paper sale is going on now through Tuesday, January 31. Treat yourself to unique handmade papers that you won’t find anywhere else in the …

January 21, 2017

Pretty Paper Posies

The Sunday Paper #143, January 22, 2017

Paper of the Week: Marbled Momi – Tropical Reef

This is another paper in the supply kit for my online class Paper Illuminated. Its soft, fabric-like feel comes from crinkling the paper by …