Paper Windows

Paper Windows

The Sunday Paper #147, February 19, 2017

Paper of the Week: PaperLove e-course


Here’s another papery online course that you might be interested in!

Registration is now open for Rachel Hazell’s PaperLove – starts 6th March 2017

Rachel believes that everybody has a some kind of book inside them – the workshops she’s taught all round the world have mostly been about getting those books OUT even if that means a one-liner or purely texture or color.

Unfold five weeks of paper inspiration, packed full of ideas and projects to create, using book art, writing, origami, hand-lettering and collage. PaperLove will take you on a roller coaster of paper discovery, whether you are just starting out or more experienced.

“I loved this course, in fact I was surprised how much! I am not a fan of the online course, of social media or computers in general, but this was genius. So generous, rich in subject depth and breath and felt very personal. Eileen, participant PaperLove 

Readers of The Sunday Paper can claim a special 10% discount using the code Sundaypaper10

Sign up for PaperLove now at


In the Studio:
I’ve decided to make a watermarked broadside every month this year. Here’s the February one in progress. Can you read it? It will be easier to read once I make the paper. Watermarks are placed on the mould wrong reading, so that they read right in the resulting paper! I’m thinking about titles for this one, if you’d like to weigh in.

Zim & Zou have been creating paper amazements for awhile now. Check out their new paper window displays at the Hermes store in Dubai.
This is a super sweet Valentines Day story. This high school student made 1500 origami hearts, one for each student at his school!
Cagayan de Oro Handmade Paper creates unique home furnishings and fashion accessories. Check it out!

Cagayan de Oro's Handmade Paper's beehive lamps were one of the top 3 most innovative products at the 2016 Global Sources Fair in Hong Kong.

Cagayan de Oro’s Handmade Paper’s beehive lamps were one of the top 3 most innovative products at the 2016 Global Sources Fair in Hong Kong.

Who knew? Buzz Aldrin has a facebook page. Thanks to my husband (aka space nerd) for sharing this paper model of Neil Armstrong with me. This must be what astronauts do with their free time!
Here’s another sweet story about bookmarks!
About our Sponsor: Rachel Hazell has over 15 years of experience taking people on creative journeys. She has held workshops across the world – from palazzos in Venice to lighthouses in Shetland via Antarctica. Rachel builds itineraries that develop skills, as well as expand the imagination, increase creative confidence and build lasting friendships. Drawing her inspiration from the beauty of paper, the familiarity of a well-thumbed book, shorelines, flea markets and foreign cities; Rachel launched her online e-course PaperLove in 2014 to enable people, regardless of location, to work with her to develop their creative ideas and techniques.

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  1. Lou says:

    I don’t think your broadside needs a name. It speaks for itself…maybe that could be the name

  2. Zim & Zou, what beauty and patience. Both of what we need more in the world.
    Thank you… Louise