Altered Paper

This experimental work with handmade abaca paper, which is translucent and shrinks dramatically as it dries, is where my true passion for hand papermaking lies. Watch the trailer for my film, Water Paper Time, to view some of these pieces moving through time.

Stitching in Space

This series features handmade paper stretched over wire armatures to form taut paper-covered “canvasses” that are embellished with thread, using embroidery, weaving, netting and knotting to investigate how threads can span, connect and hang sculpturally in space.

Dress Drawings

I have been reflecting on childhood memories, and this work is sparked by the memory of my mother making me wear dresses to school three times a week. I was a tomboy, and although the smocks she made were a good compromise (because I could wear shorts or pants underneath), they were not what I wanted to wear. I wasn’t a fighter, but a pleaser, so I did what mom wanted. In a recent conversation with her, I discovered that my mother actually made those smocks for me because she could save money by sewing them herself. There weren’t resale shops in the 70’s, and she enjoyed picking out unique printed fabrics and sewing dresses for me and my sister. Mom’s grandmother taught her to sew when she was a teenager, and it was her creative outlet. Each of these dresses tells a story, some from my childhood and others from my experiences as a mother.