All We Need is Love!

All We Need is Love!

The Sunday Paper #146, February 12, 2017

Paper of the Week: Origami Papers

Earlier this week, I was in the Bay Area for CODEX, an amazing book fair. I also taught a short workshop at the SF Center for the Book and spent an evening in Japantown, where I visited Paper Tree and Daiso and purchased an assortment of unique origami papers. What fun! I also visited Miki’s Paper in Berkeley, where I got a pair of origami lips like this one, and I had to look up a tutorial to make a pair myself, which I’ve animated for you. Smack!
Happy Valentines Day! 
If the lips below are not animated, click on the title of the blog post above to see them smacking! Just another miracle from a single sheet of paper!
In the Studio:
Since I was traveling most of the week, I wasn’t really in the studio. These giant quilled paper window displays caught my eye at the Anthropologie store in Palo Alto.

Here’s the February project from the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. I’d love to see your rendition! This project features an Indian handmade paper that is available wherever Shizen Design papers are sold. Calendars are still available at 50% off. 
Here’s a touching Valentines Day story from Vashon Island about the shop owner of Island Paper Chase, whose heart is in the right place! Note the pin this young lady is wearing.
Carol Ann Oster, whose family farms in northeast Montana along the Canadian border, saw the potential in the wheat straw left after harvest and uses it to create molded paper.
Karla Sosa creates exquisite paper cuts and in the interview she discusses her inspiration and how making art has helped her health condition more than medicine.
Here’s an article about a professor who uses origami to illustrate concepts in physics.

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  1. Andreia says:

    Hello Helen!
    Thank you for the post! Amazing work you shared!
    I am also a papercraft fan and those creations are really amazing! The lips valentines origami is awesome! Do you know where I could get the tutorial of it?

  2. Dorothy Yuki says:

    Thank you for the article on Marcelo Dias. So glad you had a great time in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of sickies in my house, I didn’t make it to Codex. So nice to have met you at your workshop. It was fun.

    • Helen says:

      Hi Dorothy! It was great to meet you, too. Hope to see you again. Thanks for teaching me a few things! – Helen