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March 18, 2014

Artist Profile: Shawn Sheehy

The first time I met Shawn Sheehy, we spent an hour or so together in the pop-up book section at Powells Books in Portland. It was fun to page through the collection of movable books, oohing and aahing in tandem …

March 13, 2014

Pre-Order Your Copy of Playing With Pop-Ups

        I’m excited to announce that you can now pre-order my new book Playing With Pop-Ups. 

Click here to order your copy and receive a bonus: the materials and instructions to create your own pop-up dandelion card (this is project that …

March 11, 2014

Alpha Blocks


I’m excited to be finishing up the first copies of Alpha Blocks, my newest artists’ book. It will make its debut with Playing With Pop-Ups. I’ll start taking orders later this week and will start shipping as soon …

February 25, 2014

Animated Movable Books

It is so much fun to turn the pages of a pop-up book and watch it come to life. Sometimes it isn’t possible to interact with books that are on display or are too old to handle, and you are …

February 18, 2014

Low Tech Life

I so enjoy traveling and the learning that comes along with it. I’ve just returned from a short jaunt to Albuquerque, where my BFF from first grade lives. On Sunday, we visited Acoma Pueblo, where we witnessed their unique style …

February 11, 2014

Artist Profile: Carol Barton

Carol Barton is the first artist I met who was working with pop-ups. She taught workshops at the Center for Book Arts in New York, where I was a work study volunteer way back in the early 1990’s. Looking …

February 4, 2014

Free Valentine Template

I have a little gift I’m offering to those of you who subscribe to my newsletter (not to worry, those of you who already subscribe will be receiving it in my newsletter today).

I designed this valentine and am sharing …

January 28, 2014

For the Love of Letterforms

I love handwriting and fonts; when I was a kid I discovered that I can write backwards. Can you? Try it – when I tried it I could just do it (in cursive). My daughter just tried it, and she …

January 21, 2014

100: The End

This is Day 100 of my 100 x 100 Paper Weavings Project! The end of a journey! Thank you for following along and remember that you can always click on that link above to view all of the weavings …

January 21, 2014

2: Day by Day; Line by Line

This is Day 99 of my 100 x 100 Paper Weavings Project. NINETY-NINE!

© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings, #99, 12″ x 12″, $100

When I was a child, I used to make drawings similar to this …