Pretty Paper Posies

Pretty Paper Posies

The Sunday Paper #143, January 22, 2017

Paper of the Week: Marbled Momi – Tropical Reef

This is another paper in the supply kit for my online class Paper Illuminated. Its soft, fabric-like feel comes from crinkling the paper by hand. The paper’s gorgeous colors and patterns are achieved by hand marbling each sheet. Marbled momi is available from Mulberry Paper & More and comes in color schemes.
In the Studio:
Here’s what we’ll be turning this paper into in my online class, Paper Illuminated, which begins March 8th. These collapsible lanterns are amazing sculptures: you begin by constructing an armature, wrap it with rings of reed and then cover that with paper. Finally, the armature is collapsed and removed (and reuseable).
Chochin double

  • Look for my bi-annual paper sale later this week… I’ll be peddling light paper, equality paper and collage packs!
  • Registration for this on-line class, Paper Illuminated, is now open! Register by February 1 to receive the best rate. Here’s a video I made about the class.
  • Check out all of my 2017 workshops (San Francisco, North Carolina, Snowmass, Forest Grove, and Whidbey Island)!

In light of the heightened outcry for women’s issues (keep it up, ladies), check this out: Janet Hovnanian spent 172 hours meticulously piecing together “Pretty Paper Posies.” Hovnanian, who teaches a class in the paper-art of quilling at the retirement community where she lives, enlisted her students in making the tiny paper flowers. On March 16 at Adelphi University in Garden City, NJ, 137 original works of art—called Creative Cups—will be auctioned to benefit the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program. bra
Here’s a really nice interview with Lynda Benglis in Bomb Magazine, about materials, context and content.
This is a sweet story about a 10-year old origami wizard, Marz Miguel-Lopez who creates complex three-dimensional paper creations, from animals and Pokemon, to Chinese dragons, and other cartoon characters.
Stone paper… seriously? I’m not terribly convinced that this is a good idea, but it is intriguing. Take a peek!
Do you use a fountain pen or inks in your work? Chances are if you have more than an handful of ink samples, you’ll be wanting to make notes about the qualities of each that are especially useful for your projects. Here’s a really cool storage and note-making device, the Pen Palette by Ilisha Helfman. It comes with a changeable paper top for tests and/or notes.

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  1. Mary Kritz says:

    Hi Helen: Regarding the stone paper article – I have used it to line some components of my Show of Hands Exhibit pieces as a stiffener. It was not easy to glue, but it worked well, stiffening and still allowing for some flexibility.