It's a Wrap!

It's a Wrap!

The Sunday Paper #149, March 12, 2017

Paper of the Week: Wrapping Paper


I’m not certain that this is wrapping paper, but I don’t know what else to call it. You know those single printed sheets of maps, birds, butterflies, bicycles, etc. that you can find hanging on the racks in paper stores? That’s what this is, and these papers make really cool lampshades! As you can tell, I’m not an expert in piecing (aka matching the panels, as you do in sewing) so I don’t even attempt to do it!

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In the Studio:
I’ve been thinking a lot about paper and light (not unusual) but more so this week because my online class has begun. I pulled out this old notebook filled with clippings from magazines that I found inspirational. These days, I’ve turned to creating Pinterest Boards to collect images.

  • Speaking of paper and light, join me at Anderson Ranch this summer for a week filled with it. Light Paper takes place August 7-11.
  • There are just a few spots left in the Red Cliff Paper Retreat (this year’s theme is artist’s books). The retreat takes place in my Colorado studio Sept 8-10 and/or Sept 12-14).———————————————————————————————––––––––

Damien Webb builds magical mini worlds out of paper. He sources some of his paper from the wedding table placards tossed out after the many weddings at the resort where he works.
Will wonders never cease? Check out this amazing laser cut origami paper by Chiyo Kirigami. What a cool twist for an age old tradition.
Speaking of origami, here’s an interesting use of origami in advertising. Shiseido created this clever booth in Hawaii filled with suspended origami butterflies. An on-site printer allows customers to personalize and share their own digital origami butterfly and mini movie on social media. Customers can also receive a printout version of their personal butterfly with Shiseido beauty tips.
I guess this is the origami edition! Check out these amazing creatures that Mariano Zavala folds subjects ranging from dogs and dinosaurs to caribou and chameleons.
Here’s the link to The Origami Revolution, which aired on Nova on PBS a couple of weeks ago. Set aside an hour to watch the intersection of science, math and art!

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  1. The Origami Revolution is blowing my mind. Incredible form, great papers and knowledge of the animal’s spirit really comes through. You find the most amazing sites! Our Book Arts Group is going on a field trip to the MAKE Santa Fe studio next week. Zane Fischer, Alex Fischer’s son (book artist), is an architect and wizard. He is teaching us to use the laser cutter, plotter cutter, and 3D printer for making books and editions. This is going to be FUN! I will send some photos of the group event.

    • Helen says:

      Sally, I’d love to hear more about this event. We have a 3D printer at the library in Vail, and I’ve been thinking that I should partner with a savvy teen to do something. But a laser cutter would be even more awesome (and applicable to paper, of course).