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June 4, 2016

Viennese Paper

The Sunday Paper #110, June 5, 2016
Dear Friends,
It was a year ago when I started soliciting donations for The Sunday Paper, and I want to give a big round of applause to those of you who have supported …

May 27, 2016

Japanese momi (crinkled) papers

The Sunday Paper #109, May 29, 2016
Sponsored Paper of the Week: Konnyaku Washi Sampler from Washi Arts

Konnyaku is powdered Devil’s Tongue root, a natural plant starch that, when mixed with water and applied by brush to Japanese kozo …

May 21, 2016

Paper World Video

The Sunday Paper #108, May 22, 2016
Paper of the Week: Sekishu from Hiromi Paper

Some papers are invisible! This pigeon is printed on Sekishu, a thin, wispy and delicate paper that has great strength for its weight. It is …

May 14, 2016

Paper Pop-Ups

The Sunday Paper #107, May 15, 2016
Paper of the Week: Pico Paisley Moss Green from GPC Papers

Double-sided papers are useful for a variety of reasons. But for this pop-up dandelion card (a tutorial is available here) the …

May 7, 2016

Paper 'Art of Thrones'

The Sunday Paper #106, May 8, 2016
Paper of the Week: Handmade Japanese-Style Paper with Stenciled Pulp

Artist Susan Mackin Dolan makes stenciled papers with adapted eastern papermaking techniques. In these works she combines Japanese fibers (kozo and gampi) with …

April 30, 2016

Paper Swatch Poster

The Sunday Paper #105, May 1, 2016
Paper of the Week: So Silk Card Stock 

Sally Blakemore is a paper engineer, illustrator and author who runs Arty Projects Studio in Santa Fe. I asked her to recommend a favorite paper …

April 23, 2016

Pop-Up Transformers

The Sunday Paper #104
Paper of the Week: Laurelai Designs from Paper Connection International

Just look at these scrumptious papers! Laurelai Designs are an exclusive line at Paper Connection, based in Providence, RI. These hip and fun patterns are created …

April 16, 2016

Paper as a Good Thing!

The Sunday Paper #103

Paper of the Week: Moon Paper

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Andrea Peterson, who runs Hook Pottery Paper with her husband in Northern Indiana. She and I worked together in 1995/96 …

April 9, 2016

Patty Paper

The Sunday Paper #102

Paper of the Week: Patty Paper

I had a lovely conversation recently with my sister-in-law, who is a middle school teacher in the Chicago area. We got to talking about some of the interesting projects she …

April 2, 2016

A Paper Limerick

The Sunday Paper #101

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway in celebration of the 100th issue of The Sunday Paper! Congratulations to Louise Levergneux, the grand prize winner (click on her name to view her latest artist’s book) …