Shizen Screen Printed Papers

The Sunday Paper #256 April 21, 2019

Paper of the Week: Shizen Screen Printed Papers

Shizen Design papers are manufactured by hand in India. These papers are made from t-shirt cotton waste, and the huge variety of patterns are screen printed. These papers are acid-free, distributed by Shizen Design in Kansas City, and are available through a variety of retailers, including Artists & Craftsmen and

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Floral Lantern

The Sunday Paper #205

Paper of the Week: Reminiscence Papers – Narcissus White

_______________________________________________________________ Papery Tidbits: Did you catch my free video tutorial on how to make a Wavy Circular Paper Weaving last week? I enjoyed this Six-Fold, Flat-Fold, Paper-Fold over on Playful Book Binding and Paper Works. Cave Paper has reached the half-way mark in their Indiegogo campaign to transition to a Co-op.

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Priscilla Robinson on Paper Talk

The Sunday Paper #196

February 18, 2018 Paper of the Week: New Podcast Episode! Paper Talk I love hearing the stories of hand papermakers: how they discovered paper, what drew them in (hand papermaking is a serious commitment after all), how they’ve set up their studios, and the twists and turns of their careers. Paper Talk is a monthly podcast series featuring artists and professionals

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Paper Money in a Paper Wallet

The Sunday Paper #177, October 1, 2017 Paper of the Week: Green Banana Paper

Green Banana Paper’s slim wallet is now available on Kickstarter!

Three years ago Green Banana Paper set out to raise the bar for the future use of natural fibers in eco-textiles. They have developed their craft in their own eco-factory – combining the traditional art of hand papermaking

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Origami Tea House

The Sunday Paper #172, August 27, 2017 Paper of the Week: Thoreau’s Paper-covered Journals

Abelardo Morell’s “Thoreau: 40 Journals in Chronological Order.” Credit Edwynn Houk Gallery

Do you keep a journal? Usually the contents are the main event (as they certainly are in these as well) but this is a photograph depicts the paper covers of Henry Thoreau’s journals, which are on display

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Oblation Papers & Press

Oblation Papers & Press is an urban paper mill, letterpress print shop, hand-bindery and fine paper boutique. Our in-house team of designers releases roughly 30 new items annually, inspired by music, quirky conversation, toys, textiles, travel, food, architecture, literature and historical objects.

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The Sunday Paper #162, June 11, 2017

Paper of the Week: Tyvek

I love Tyvek, a paper-like material that is strong, durable, water resistant and easy to paint or stain. These tesselating lanterns are the June project in the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar (check out the 2018 cover design below).


Out of the Studio: My daughter plays

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December Flowers

The Sunday Paper #137, December 11, 2016 Since it’s Sunday, this is a double-feature. The regular Sunday Paper appears at the bottom of this post.

25 Days of Paper 2016, Day 11

The May project in the Twelve Months of Paper calendar is this swirling flower, created with a thai momi marbled paper that really makes it swirl! You can find this paper through

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Early Postage Stamps

The Sunday Paper #128, October 9, 2016 Paper of the Week: Laminated Lace Paper I love the look of lace paper, but don’t often use really thin papers with holes in it. For some reason, I can’t find an application (what do you do with thin lacey sheets)? But I love this look! These are sheets of lace paper that are laminated to a thicker

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Paper Umbrellas!

The Sunday Paper #119, August 7, 2016

Paper of the Week: Watermarked Cotton/Abaca Paper

Handmade paper… how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 1. I love thee because thou art so versatile. 2. I love that I can see through you. 3. I love that you can be made from plants, old clothing and other recycled materials. 4. I love

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Paper Sale / Last Call!

The Sunday Paper #115, July 10, 2016

On-Line Paper Sale Ends Today!

This is the last call for my biannual on-line paper sale. Click here to check out the five paper packages featuring bendable abaca, watermarked alphabets, translucent abaca, stitched abaca leather and Wish Disks. The sale ends tonight at midnight! And thank you if you already placed an order!



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Paper Swatch Poster

The Sunday Paper #105, May 1, 2016 Paper of the Week: So Silk Card Stock

© Sally Blakemore 2016, page spread from The Life and Death of King John, Shakespeare.

Sally Blakemore is a paper engineer, illustrator and author who runs Arty Projects Studio in Santa Fe. I asked her to recommend a favorite paper for making pop-ups, and she suggested So Silk

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