Paper Wallets

Paper Wallets

The Sunday Paper #177, October 1, 2017

Paper of the Week: Green Banana Paper

                         Green Banana Paper’s slim wallet is now available on Kickstarter!

Three years ago Green Banana Paper set out to raise the bar for the future use of natural fibers in eco-textiles. They have developed their craft in their own eco-factory – combining the traditional art of hand papermaking with finishing techniques from modern day manufacturing technology. Located on the beautiful island of Kosrae, Micronesia, Green Banana Paper is a social impact company making paper and helping people. Forget plastic and leather, as paper people your wallet could be made from a more ethical and eco-friendly alternative – banana fiber paper. 
Hop on over to Green Banana’s Kickstarter Page to see how you can get your hands on the brand new Slim Wallet (there are several packages available) and learn more about this amazing company making paper into products on a tiny island.


In the Studio:

I never dreamt I would be an author (but that’s another story). When writing how-to instructions, I construct each project over and over again in my hands, trying to find words to describe the movements. Sometimes it is really tricky! Pictures can help, and sometimes videos are better. You can tell me what you think if you purchase the 2018 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar! I’m offering a mini online class in conjunction with the calendar that will feature videos and an online classroom: read all about it here next week!

The Stacking Star Tree features an 8-pointed origami star. After falling in love with the project, I realized I needed to include the star folding instructions, which turned out to be rather involved! Ah, the things we do for love…

Papery Tidbits

  • Check out my online photo album about the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat.
  • Vail Valley Peeps: Get a head start on the holiday season at the Alpine Arts Center. We’ll spend three Thursday evenings creating several of the projects featured in the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. Paper fun for adults & kids!
  • Paper Money: I brought this topic up a couple of weeks ago and am still fleshing out my ideas… in the meantime, I wanted to share the Craft Industry Alliance with you, a great place to connect with other craft professionals, learn more about the industry and strengthen your business. I joined this amazing organization a couple of months ago and learn new things every week through their webinars, podcasts and journal.


Paper engineer Colette Fu is breaking a world record by constructing the world’s largest pop-up book. Visitors can watch the live-creation process at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center now through October 12th (and then it will be on view through November). If you’re in Philadelphia, you should go check this out!

Model of “Tao Hua Yuan Ji.” When the project is complete, will be the world’s largest pop-up photo book.COURTESY PHILADELPHIA PHOTO ARTS CENTER

I’ve just released episode #17 of my podcast series Paper Talk, an interview with Jenny Pinto, who lives and works in Bangalore, India. Jenny came to work with me in Portland for a month seventeen years ago, and then she went on to create a full-fledged lighting business utilizing handmade paper. Be sure to watch the gorgeous video of her studio in action! Sign up for the podcast in ITunes and get notified every time I post an episode, and I’d be flattered if you were so inclined to leave a review.

I love these works on hanji by Minjun Kim, whose work is on view now at Gallery Hyundai in Seoul.

© 2016 Minjung Kim, Red Mountain, watercolour on hanji-paper, 37.5 x 44cm

I will never ceased to be amazed at all of the ways that paper is being used in technology. At Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, a team of researchers led by assistant professor Kiju Lee have created the TWIsted TowEr Robot (TWISTER) mechanism.

Speaking of paper and technology, artist Matthew Shlian speaks eloquently about his work with scientists (and the time he sent 50 letters out trying to make connections, and it worked) on Maketime, a podcast by the craft school experience. Have a listen!


About our Sponsor: Green Banana Paper is a waste-to-wealth manufacturing startup recycling post-harvest banana trees into stunning handmade products in Kosrae, Micronesia.

Follow my FB page to find out about a fun giveaway. Hint hint: it has something to do banana paper!


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