Traditional Vietnamese Papermaking

Traditional Vietnamese Papermaking

The Sunday Paper #424

August 7, 2022

Last Saturday night, Anythink Wright Farms held a lovely culminating event for the end of their summer reading program, mySummer. Friends and family joined me under my  paper lantern, Step Into the Light. We moved outside at dusk to enjoy a variety of activities including music, spoken word, star gazing and yoga under the moon. I also signed copies of my book, The Art of Papercraft, which the library purchased to give away to attendees.

At the end of the evening, a group of 200 of us walked around the perimeter of the library by lantern-light and ended up under my piece. Here’s a video that gives you a glimpse into that part of the event.

You can read more about Step Into the Light on my website.


This is a great overview of traditional papermaking in Vietnam and how one village is trying to keep it alive. I included some Zo paper in one of my curated paper collections last year, so some of you have a sheet of paper from this village!


An exhibition in Taiwan shows off the amazing paper art of Hsin-Fu Hung and Ching-Yao Liang. The works incorporate elements from Taiwan’s ecosystems and cultural/social milieu. Hsin-Fu Hung is also the paper artist behind The Pop-Up Creation Manual, an amazing book filled with a variety of pop-up structures.


Eman al-Tayeb creates her quilled paper works in the wee hours, when her child is still sleeping. This article documents her struggles as an artist living in Gaza, where she teaches the art of quilling to students aged 10 to 17.

Artist Eman al-Tayeb created a quilled portrait of her son’s name, Muhammad, who was born shortly after the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip in May 2021.


Check out these three paper artists in Singapore who are using the medium of paper to share their unique identity and style with the world.


I’m featuring one-sheet wonders here on the blog, since the projects in my new book, The Art of Papercraft, fall into that category. I’d love to feature your one-sheet wonders!

This week, I pulled out a one-sheet wonder from my archive. The Museum of Modern Art has been partnering with artists for decades to publish unique cards. Here’s a card designed by Christina Parrett in 1988.


Paper Tidbits:


In the Studio:

I usually make paper for a specific project, but this week I just needed to use up some pulp. Plus, I had the opportunity to try out some 3D printed moulds created at Logos Graphics. Technology has opened the door to all kinds of ideas that are just beginning to percolate.


I’m offering a weekly selection of Small Sheets in limited quantities for the next several weeks. Introducing…. Small Sheets #4!  Click through to read a bit about these papers and purchase a set ($24.99 includes shipping in the US).

If you missed Small Sheets #3, there are still a few sets left.



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