Step Into the Light


In 2014, I created ‘The Wish‘, a permanent installation at Anythink Huron Street library in Denver. The Wish is a giant dandelion composed of paper seeds that symbolize private wishes that come together as a whole in a metaphor for human connectedness.

In 2022, I returned to this amazing library system as an artist-in residence at Anythink Wright Farms, where I constructed a giant paper lantern that hangs in the library. Viewers can step inside of the lantern and ponder how they can ‘be the light’. When they step out of the lantern, they are prompted to think about how they can share their light in their communities.

Here’s an 8-minute video showing the basic construction process.

I had a  Q&A with the library Branch Manager Michael Hibben about the piece and my work in general which you can watch on Facebook Live or YouTube.

My residency was part of Anythink Library’s mySummer program.

Join us for a culminating event on July 30th in Denver.