The Wish

The Wish, is a permanent installation that was installed at Anythink Huron Street, a library in Thornton, Colorado in the spring of 2014. Read my blog posts about how The Wish came to be: Part One and Part Two

Dandelions grow everywhere: who hasn’t picked one up, made a wish and scattered the seeds into the wind? We learn to do this as children and hold the memory throughout our lives.

The individual dandelion seeds in my sculpture The Wish symbolize private wishes, yet the piece as a whole serves as a metaphor for human connectedness: we all begin as a seed, we are all connected, and each of us travels far and wide throughout our lives like a dandelion seed carried on the wind.

My personal dream for The Wish is that the individual seeds will travel to all corners of the earth, representing a connection across borders, over seas, and through wars.