Equality, Justice, Participate, Harmony, Continuum, Perspective

The Sunday Paper #315 June 6, 2020

Paper of the Week: Word Broadsides

Sometimes when I post an image, the colors get electrified, and I’m not sure why. I have to say though, that these brighter colors work for my mood this week. I’m feeling the need to do something proactive about the state of our country. While I figure this out, here’s some

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Paper Boats and Paper Mills

The Sunday Paper #116, July 17, 2016

Paper Studio of the Week: Petrichor Paper

Stationery set (cotton rag envelopes & bleached cattail notecards) featured in a Buffalo Indie Weddings event raffle. Custom orders are widely accepted for any occasion.

Woo hoo! There’s a new papermill and residency program in the works in upstate New York, and it needs your help to come

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Paper Swatch Poster

The Sunday Paper #105, May 1, 2016 Paper of the Week: So Silk Card Stock

© Sally Blakemore 2016, page spread from The Life and Death of King John, Shakespeare.

Sally Blakemore is a paper engineer, illustrator and author who runs Arty Projects Studio in Santa Fe. I asked her to recommend a favorite paper for making pop-ups, and she suggested So Silk

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Movable Book Society Conference Observations

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Movable Book Society’s semi-annual conference in Philadelphia. I was invited to give a talk about my book Playing With Pop-Ups, which features many of the paper engineers who were at the conference. It was really fun to be amongst the luminaries in this field! Please excuse all of the links – just click

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