Word Broadsides set of 6


In 2017, I created a series of six watermarked broadsides. Each piece features a word that is meant to provoke thought and perhaps even action! Each broadside is 18” x 12”, made of 100% pigmented cotton fiber. You can read a short description about the individual broadsides below.

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EQUALITY: I have been thinking a lot about equality (for years actually, but the 2016 election and women’s marches brought my thoughts to the forefront). There are so many ways to think about equality: women’s rights, human rights, sexual and gender bias, religious freedom, income inequalities, etc, etc, etc. Why do we feel powerful; when do we feel weak? This is my humble attempt to voice my feelings through a love of letterforms, watermarks and design. The root is love, the letters are blooming, and I was delighted to discover the grid/ladder that formed when the roots of the letters intertwined with the rainbow earth at the base of the image.

JUSTICE: When I was considering this word, a vision of standing for justice popped into my mind. These letters on legs represent justice for all, which sometimes feels like an improbability since we don’t all agree. And how can we if we don’t speak the same language, live in proximity with those we need to agree with, or spend time getting to know our neighbors. Not to mention the fact that the concept of justice differs in every culture.

PARTICIPATE: My vision of participation is circular, like a wheel. How can you participate; how do you participate; how will you participate?

HARMONY: Harmonics is a word used in physics, in music, and it has many synonyms: agreement, peace, peacefulness, amity, amicability, friendship, fellowship, cooperation, understanding, consensus, unity, sympathy, rapport, likemindedness, unison, union, concert, oneness, synthesis. The lines in this piece symbolize wavelengths.

CONTINUUM: I love how the image lies subtly within the sheet of paper and without backlighting, is only slightly visible. I often think of my ancestors and descendants and how my life fits into the continuum. The image to me conjures a labyrinth-like path that we have all walked/are walking/will walk.

PERSPECTIVE: Here’s a word that is both literal and figurative: I’ve drawn the font in two point perspective and perhaps the word will cause you to reflect on your point of view!