Paper Swatch Poster

Paper Swatch Poster

The Sunday Paper #105, May 1, 2016
Paper of the Week: So Silk Card Stock 

© Sally Blakemore 2016, page spread from The Life and Death of King John, Shakespeare.

© Sally Blakemore 2016, page spread from The Life and Death of King John, Shakespeare.

Sally Blakemore is a paper engineer, illustrator and author who runs Arty Projects Studio in Santa Fe. I asked her to recommend a favorite paper for making pop-ups, and she suggested So Silk black card stock from LCI Papers (it also comes in white and six colors). It is strong, easy to cut, and can be ordered in small packs of 25-50 sheets.

In the Studio:

I’m starting a podcast series about hand papermaking! I’ve been traveling and connecting with a variety of experts in the field, and so far I’ve interviewed four people. I’m pleased to announce number one: Catherine Nash of Tucson, Arizona.
Click here to watch a short video tour of her studio and listen to the 28-minute podcast.
nash image
I’ll be rolling out more podcasts over the next months and look forward to sharing them with you. Please note these are unedited interviews … I just don’t have the resources for that. You can subscribe to the series called Paper Talk. Enjoy, and I welcome your suggestions.
If you are in Brooklyn this weekend, don’t miss the 35th annual cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (ooh la la, still snowing here) and be sure to check out the gigantic origami of Taro Yaguchi, who will demonstrate his giant folding technique at two sessions on May 1, at noon and at 3:45 pm. In order to work with the giant sheets of vellum, Yaguchi hangs it from a rope, like a bedsheet on a clothesline, and then carefully creases and folds the paper. Check out Taro’s Origami Studio in Brooklyn, too.
The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is celebrating 30 years and is currently running a Boost the Bulletin crowdfunding campaign to support the annual publication featuring paper art from around the world. This gorgeous poster is just one of the perks for contributing to the campaign.
IAPMA is producing its 55th Bulletin, a deluxe edition celebrating 30 years of paper art from around the world featuring this special fold-out poster with 12 handmade paper swatches made by IAPMA members!
Produced annually, the Bulletin is a gorgeous full-color publication, traditionally with a handmade paper cover, which includes articles, exhibition and book reviews, and scholarly research by leading international contributors in the world of handmade paper and paper art.
Korean paper designer Lee Jihee has a way with paper. There are some cute paper puppies at the link!
Can you see what this made of? Mademoiselle Maurice keeps coming up with intriguing architectural works as she arranges brightly colored origami on buildings and in museums. Click the link to view more.
Sally Blakemore (the paper engineer featured at the top of this post) created this clever video showing the process of the creating a pop-up book. Enjoy!

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  1. Penelope Ortmann says:

    Thank you so much for the Catherine Nash studio tour and interview. I’ll look forward to future interviews.

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