Read a REAL Book!

Read a REAL Book!

The Sunday Paper #266
June 30, 2019

Paper of the Week: Kraft Tex Paper

Is it paper or cloth? It’s hard to get the specs on what kraft tex is made of, but it is a papery material that you can throw in your washing machine! It comes on a bolt, like fabric, and it feels like something between paper and leather. It cuts more like paper than cloth and can be stitched by hand or in a sewing machine. This image shows one of the upcoming projects (a reusable book cover with pockets) in the Twelve Months of Paper project book (new name to be revealed soon). That cute penguin paper clip is made of paper too! Kraft tex is available in fabric stores and online.


Intern In the Studio:

It’s fun to have an intern in the studio from time to time. Tino Ward is here for two weeks. He’s making a dent in my scrap box by collaging decorative papers onto large handmade cotton/abaca base sheets.


Papery Tidbits:


This a nice profile of Tim Barrett, a professor at the University of Iowa, author of Japanese Papermaking & European Papermaking Techniques, and recipient of a MacArthur Award. I had a lovely conversation with Tim a few years ago that you can listen to on Paper Talk. Tim has mentored many students through the Center for the Book at the University of Iowa, and here’s a story about one of his students, Isabella Myers, who received a Fulbright grant to travel to Cambodia to study and re-create century-old manuscripts.

Director of The Center for the Book Timothy Barrett shifts paper pulp during a paper-making demonstration at the Center for the Book in North Hall on June 18, 2019. Graduate students were shown how to shift pulp to create sheets of paper. (Katie Goodale/The Daily Iowan)

15-year old Teddy McRitchie’s In Bloom design won the Youth Award at Wearable Art Mandurah in Australia. His design features a cotton dress that opens up into a half circle and has about 225 handmade paper flowers and about 445 handmade paper leaves.

Teddy McRitchie’s In Bloom design won the Youth Award at Wearable Art Mandurah.

Check out these cute Japanese tea bags that come alive in your cup! Ocean Teabag has come up with 50 clever designs.
This is a lovely video documentary of “Living Quilt for Santa Rosa“, a public art project by artist Jane Ingram Allen that shows progress of the “quilt” from the installation of sheets of paper with embedded seeds to blooming flowers over a six-month period.

I have to admit, as a child of the TV generation, I find it challenging to bury myself in a book, but I enjoyed this article about the pros of reading a physical book. “To open a book is to meditate. I’m alone with the author. There are no pop up ads to compete with the narrative; no phone calls to interrupt a unique voice systematically unfolding its story…” I have to admit, as a child of the TV generation, I find it challenging to bury myself in a book.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
My artist’s book, Tangential, the Paper Weaving Online Class, the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar (now 1/2 price) and a video tutorial on how to make Party Lights.
Twelve Months of Paper


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