Paper Quilt

Paper Quilt

As seen on Colossal, All images © Ruby Silvious

The Sunday Paper #350

February 7, 2021

Papermaker of the Week: Susan Mackin Dolan

Hey papermakers! I’d love to feature you in this column one day soon. All you have to do is fill out this form.

© Susan Mackin Dolan, 2018 Este No Es Su Agua woodcut on stenciled gampi and kozo papers 50″ w x 28″ h

Susan Mackin Dolan makes stenciled papers with a modified Japanese sheet forming technique using kozo, gampi and mitsumata. She primarily makes relief prints on her papers that often become part of larger installations. After receiving an MFA in printmaking and papermaking from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1984, she became the first Chairperson of the papermaking department at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas. As an artist and educator for over 35 years, she taught and had residencies at colleges, universities, and art centers, her work has been shown internationally and is in many collections, and it has been published in books and magazines.

In the Studio: The Paper Year + The Paper Studio

I am enjoying the versatility of paper more than ever this year!

Works by Karen Clerke, Deborah Shayne and Clara DeMott.

We’ve just completed the first month of The Paper Year online, and we were exploring sculpted paper weavings (and illumination). Aren’t these fabulous? Registration for The Paper Year opens again in April. Click on the link to find out more and hold your spot.

Handmade paper sculpture by Joyce Gold, quilled paper pendant by Ann Martin, hydrangeas by Nyasha Vee

The Paper Studio is my free facebook group, and we’re doing a monthly challenge in 2021. January’s challenge was Circles, and you’re welcome to join us for February’s challenge which is Thread.


Papery Tidbits:


Oh! How charming. Ruby Silvious repurposes the thin paper pouches holding her beverage of choice into miniature canvases. Sometimes strung together or ripped to remove the leaves, Silvious’s tea bags depict the quiet, unassuming moments of everyday life.

As seen on Colossal, image © Ruby Silvious

Nostalgia, commercialism or both? Which Peanuts character would you make first?

I love this community project inspired by a story. Rockland Public Library is preparing for Valentine’s Day by helping the community share their hopes and joys through art. Community members are making rectangles or squares, which will be joined to create a unity quilt. The project is inspired by the picture book The All-Together Quilt, by Lizzy Rockwell, which tells the story of the cross generational quilt making projects being done in Norwalk, Connecticut since 2008.

(Photo courtesy Rockland Public Library)

Check out the torn paper assemblage work of Neysa Winterer, now on view at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis.

© Neysa Winterer, The Seine Bridge at Asnieres, 12″ x 15″, torn paper assemblage

Check out this really cool interactive NY Times feature on collage and cubism. This is what digital media was made for!


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD, Playing With Paper, The Papermaker’s Companion, and Tangential, an artist’s book


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  1. Ann Stuller says:

    Great issue, Helen. I especially enjoyed the NY Times article on cubism—a wonderful presentation of what digital techniques can be used in an informative way.