Love Letters

Love Letters

The Sunday Paper #399

February 6, 2022

I’ve decided that it’s time to get back to having people in the studio, so I’m offering the Red Cliff Paper Retreat at the end of August. I was curious to see whether anyone would sign up, but early registration, for those who had signed up in 2020 (when I had to cancel) and those who had expressed interest over the past two years, has been good. The retreat is more than half-way full (I accept 12 participants). The theme this year is Woven Paper: Books, Vessels, Lighting. My studio is light and airy, and I rent out the old schoolhouse gym which is just upstairs, where each participant has their own work table with plenty of social distancing. You’re welcome to join us – sign up before it fills!


I love this promotional video by Paper and Pixel in Australia. Check out how Jean Kropper is turning paper into unique promotional materials for her clients.


I have such interesting participants in my online classes, and I don’t even know what many of them are up to outside of class. Sarah Schwartz runs a hand painted sheet wall covering company, how cool is that? Sarah + Ruby has taken the centuries-old artisanal paste paper technique, used to create decorative end-papers, out of the book, and they are transforming it into a modern treatment for walls.


These paper birds by Niharika Rajput, oh my!

(Courtesy of Niharika Rajput)


This story is behind a pay wall (NY Times) but it is so good! This 8-year old kid stashed a book he wrote on a shelf at his local library and has gotten a crazy amount of attention (including from the NY Times). Keep up the great work, Dillon!


Paper Tidbits:


In the Studio:

I plan to start shipping copies of The Art of Papercraft later this week. I’m waiting for my sustainable packaging to arrive – it’s paper, of course! One of the lovely parts about working with a publisher (as opposed to self publishing) is that they help with publicity. Here’s the image they used to promote the book on social media this week, featuring a pop-up alphabet (it’s a project in the book). I took the photo here in the studio, but their design team did some embellishing. We’re calling these “Love Letters”. Are you coming to my virtual book launch on February 15th? I’ll talk a bit about how I designed this alphabet way back at the beginning of my career.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

The Art of Papercraft, Water Paper Time, a film you can download, the Red Cliff Paper Retreat, and The Papermaker’s Companion.

The Art of Papercraft


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  1. Pat Schwab says:

    Helen, I am reading my Colossal email today and wow, they have a great write-up on your new book. Congrats.