The Art of Papercraft


I was introduced to paper as an art medium during a junior year abroad program in Germany. Ever since then, I’ve been exploring its potential and observing how other artists, designers and makers are pushing the boundaries of paper.

In addition to being a substrate for information, imagery, and art, paper is a medium used in fine art, fashion, graphic design, architecture, jewelry making, model making, and crafts. This book will show you how cutting, folding, twisting, tearing, weaving, crumpling, and more can transform a single sheet of paper into fantastic and sometimes unbelievable forms.

The projects in this book all begin with a single sheet of paper. After trying them, I hope that you will be inspired to invent your own creations and explore paper beyond the single sheet. The possibilities are endless.

Signed copies will be available here in early 2022! 

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Featured Review:

Between the covers of this remarkably thorough book, you’ll find so much more than a host of clever, doable projects… each is composed of just one non-threatening sheet of paper, after all! I can almost guarantee you’ll want to sit down and start making right away. But it’s also an enjoyable tome for bedtime reading… Helen’s enthusiasm for paper, and all of the surprising things it is capable of, shines through in every aspect she shares from a career of paper making, creating, and teaching. Inspiration abounds, whether you are new to the world of paper or have worked – or simply played – with it for years.

Ann Martin, quilling artist and paper craft book author/blogger