Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Sunday Paper #351

February 14, 2021

Paper of the Week: Curated Paper Collection #1

I’m not sure whether I love paper as much as I love chocolate, but maybe the fact that paper has far fewer calories pushes it into first place.

Do you love paper as much as I do? Need a Valentine’s Day treat for yourself or a paper lover? Check out the first of my quarterly Curated Paper Collections of 2021, which contains approximately one dozen unique papers from around the world. I had such fun discovering and purchasing this selection from paper shops and artisans. Sets are available for purchase while they last!

I am busy selecting papers for the next three collections. If you are a maker or have a unique paper to share with me, please do!

In the Studio: 

My friend and fellow paper lover Berneil came up to the studio a few weeks ago to make a lamp under my guidance. She used my watermarked star paper (which she purchased at my last paper sale) and it looks so good illuminated!


Papery Tidbits:


Sara Garden Armstrong has been working with paper and technology since before it was a thing. She recently sent me a copy of her monograph: SARA GARDEN ARMSTRONG: Threads and Layers. Illuminating essays and lavish photography reveal the connective threads that run through her impressive oeuvre of more than four decades. Get your copy at the link, and be sure to scroll down when you’re on her site to watch the video in which she talks about her work and her thoughts about what it means to be an artist.

Has anyone else noticed that major publications seem to be taking an interest in paper? Here’s a recent feature in ARTNews about best papers for gift wrap (I’ve seen other paper mentions there) and the NYTimes has a fairly regular column about paper objects you can make with a newspaper.

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has launched a new video series featuring books from the Cynthia Sears Collection. In this first episode of the series, Artist’s Books Unshelved, host Catherine Alice Michaelis features two books that explore issues of racial justice and atrocities : “Identification of Cars Participating in Klan Rally at Montgomery Alabama, March 21st, 1965” by Tyler Starr and “Mourning/Warning: Numbers and Repeaters” by Tia Blassingame.

The third annual Weave Through Winter online class begins tomorrow, and I’m hosting an instagram challenge that anyone can participate in. Feel free to join the challenge, or follow the hashtag to see what we’re making!

Attention dog lovers! A pair of paper-folding enthusiasts in Brazil broke a Guinness World Record when they combined their efforts to create a display featuring 1,010 origami dogs.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD, Playing With Paper, The Papermaker’s Companion, and Tangential, an artist’s book


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  1. George Freitag says:

    Hello Helen

    Enjoyed seeing someone else making lampshades in your studio. The rectangle lampshade that Berneil was working on, I liked the shape. Do you by chance know where it was purchased from. Thank you


    • Helen Hiebert says:

      Hi George, she got it from The Lamp Shop. I’m sure you know them? lampshop.com. This is one of their ‘square shades’ I believe. I love the shape! I’ve thought of you often since you left here right before Covid hit. Did you ever get your paper from your sister?

  2. George says:

    Thank you for the info Helen. I continue to be so grateful to have gotten Red Cliff trip in when I did. While others are feeling housebound I have the not to distant memories of that great trip. My sister and brother in law are our hotel relief. Their trip up continues to be delayed and so my paper remains in San Francisco. We are hoping for May.

    Quite fortunate that in this corner of the Rockies we have no cases and our outdoor pursuits continue full on. Also the hotel is the busiest it has ever been with many projects underway as everyone needs a hotel room with a kitchen.

    Well done on your ever expanding online offers and great stories from fellow papermakers.

    Cheerio for now