Curated Paper Collection #1


2021 Q1 Curated Paper Collection (SOLD OUT – Look for my next collection in May 2021)

I’m delighted to introduce you to the first in a series of my Curated Paper Collections!

* The papers pictured here are just part of the papers in the collection.

Each collection will contain approximately one dozen unique papers from around the world that I enjoyed discovering and purchasing from paper shops and artisans. The sheets range in size from 6” x 6” up to 14” x 20”. Some are full sheets with deckled edges on all sides, and others are cut in half or quarters to make them more affordable (a few of the papers cost $25/full sheet)! These papers will be rolled and shipped in a tube via priority mail on or about February 15th. This collection comes with a link to online instructions for a Window Star project you can create with the translucent kite paper and a simple one-sheet luminaria you can make with several of the papers.

You’ll find a detailed description about each of the papers in this Curated Paper Collection below.

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You will receive the following with your purchase:

  • A sheet of tags with identifying information for each of the papers (you can use these however you wish – for example, attach the tag to a swatch or the whole piece of paper).
  • Information on where to purchase more of the paper (if available).
  • The papers (as listed below).

Nanohana Washi

48 gsm, 13” x 19”

This “nature paper” from Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan contains delicate green and yellow flecks of the nanohana plant, a seasonal flowering plant (related to broccoli) that grows along the local Yoshino river. Awagami collects the florets each Spring to mix into these sheets of washi that are translucent yet strong.

Korean Hanji

15-19g, 12” x 18”

This lightweight hanji is made from 100% dak (mulberry) fiber that was grown and harvested in Korea by Seongwoo Jang, a fourth generation papermaker at Jangjibang, a hanji mill in Gapyeong, Korea. The sheet was formed using the traditional Korean technique called webal or heulim ddeugi, where the slurry flows onto and off the frame in multiple directions, resulting in a strong sheet without a prominent grain direction. Each sheet is two-ply, where two thin layers are couched together to form a single strong sheet. I had the honor of visiting Jangjibang in 2011, and Steph Rue studied there in 2015-2016 on a Fulbright Arts Research Grant. She carries a small inventory of hanji and related goods.

Red and Blue Dragonfly Pattern Japanese Lacquered Yuzen Paper

140g, 12” x 18”

Lacquered Yuzen papers mimic traditional carved two-color Japanese lacquer ware. These sheets are silkscreen printed by hand with a lacquer like ink that creates depth and texture. The heavy-wearing surface makes them ideal for covering books, boxes or portfolios. This particular sheet glows when backlit.

Tangram Watermark

100 gsm with thinner watermarked areas, 12” x 18”

I created these handmade watermarked papers here at Helen Hiebert Studio. The watermark design is cut out of a thin vinyl material that is adhered to the papermaking mould. During the process of pulling a sheet, the raised design creates thinner areas in the sheet, resulting in an image that is visible when illuminated or backed with a darker paper. These sheets are made with 100% bleached flax fiber and have four deckles.

Kite Paper set of 10 colors

42gsm, 6” x 6” or 8” x 8” (10 sheets in red, yellow, light green, dark green, white, blue, orange, purple, pink and brown)

Kite paper is similar to waxed paper and comes in brilliant colors. It is translucent and folds well. I will send you a link to instructions for folding these into Window Stars, and you receive enough paper to create 10 stars.

Italian Carta Varese Origami Paper

100 gsm,13 1/2” x 19”

This classic Italian Print Paper is silk-screened by hand in Italy and has a nice matte surface. Heavier than traditional origami paper, it still has a smooth surface and creases well with crisp folds. It features lively, curled red scroll patterns that will embellish any project.

Laureli Spokes

100 gsm, 14” x 20”

This is an exclusive design that features a retro two color silkscreened design, printed on handmade recycled rag paper from India. Funky spoke and star patterns twinkle their way across an orange background that pops!

Louise Lawrence (Larry Lou) Foster Paste Paper

9” x 12”

I discovered Larry Lou’s paste paper recently, when I learned that she had passed away and her estate was being auctioned off. Her unique paste papers were the subject of a limited-edition book with samples, The Paste Papers of Louise Lawrence Foster (Dillsboro, N.C.: Speak Easy Press, 2009), and they were also recently inducted into the Metropolitan Museum’s Thomas J. Watson Paper Legacy Project.

Portugese Cork Paper

140gsm, 9” x 9”

This naturally water-resistant cork paper is handmade in Portugal and has many uses including box wrap, book covers, accessory covering, wallpaper. Cork is the outer bark of the tree and is highly renewable and organically grown. This environmentally friendly sheet is made of thin layers of cork laminated to a coated base paper. The cork is acid free, but the backing paper is not. Corkskin takes a great impression if you are a letterpress printer.

Paper Assembly

28#-32# text weight decorative paper, 12” x 12” in four designs

Debra Glanz designed these papers primarily for book and paper artists, and the weight of these papers makes them ideal for book endpapers, cover papers, functional origami, card and envelope making, scrapbooking, collage, box making and so much more. Debra also designed a Tiny House project for my upcoming book – you might want to save them and make your own Tiny House when the book comes out next fall!

Bistre Mixed Media

150 gsm, 11” x 14”

Kelsey Pike runs Sustainable Papercraft in Kansas City, KS where she creates fine handmade papers and custom, hand-carved rubber stamps. This versatile paper is made from the perfect blend of abaca fibers and cotton rag. The abaca makes a hard, resilient, and durable paper, while the cotton adds bulk, thickness and softness. Together they create the perfect mixed media paper for fine artists. The paper has feathery deckled edges and a homogeneous surface with no visible fibers, and the texture is a light fine grain with smooth surface. This light brown mixed media paper will work well for all fine art media – draw with pencils, charcoal, conte, pastel, or paint with acrylic, watercolor, ink, and gouache.