Paper Pop-Ups

The Sunday Paper #107, May 15, 2016

Paper of the Week: Pico Paisley Moss Green from GPC Papers

Double-sided papers are useful for a variety of reasons. But for this pop-up dandelion card (a tutorial is available here) the decorative side makes for a nice cover while the plain inside doesn’t interfere with the pop-up flower. This is a screen printed handmade cotton paper

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Movable Book Society Conference Observations

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Movable Book Society’s semi-annual conference in Philadelphia. I was invited to give a talk about my book Playing With Pop-Ups, which features many of the paper engineers who were at the conference. It was really fun to be amongst the luminaries in this field! Please excuse all of the links – just click

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The Movable Book Society

I’m super excited to be going to the Movable Book Society Conference next week in Philadelphia, where I’ll be lecturing and facilitating a mini-workshop.

My interest in paper actually began with pop-ups, way back in the mid 1980’s when I spent my junior year of college in Germany. I took a PAPER course and another one about TYPE (and one about silkcreen too, but

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Mother's Day Cards

A quick note to new (and old) subscribers! You newbie’s signed up for The Sunday Paper, but I wanted to let you know that I do one more post a week, generally on Wednesdays, featuring a profile of a paper afficionado, a how-to project, a technique or something that is going on in my studio. That’s why you are getting another post in your in

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The Story Behind Alpha Blocks

I’ve just finished packaging the first 40 copies of my newest artists’ book, Alpha Blocks. Would you believe that this project began in 1986? I was studying abroad in Germany for a year and stumbled across the font Block Up in an old letraset catalog. I was captivated with the idea of bringing the two-dimensional font printed on paper to life, so I decided to

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Goodreads Giveaway through April 30, 2014


Yay, it’s a giveaway! Click here for a chance to win a copy of Playing With Pop-Ups!

And here’s the first review of the book that I’ve seen, all the way from Singapore. It includes lots of pictures, plus they shot this video of someone thumbing through the pages of the book.


Playing With Pop-Ups!

Don’t forget to pre-order

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Pop-Ups & Wishes

This has been a busy couple of weeks! My book Playing With Pop-Ups is scheduled to be released on May 1st; and I’m putting the final touches on The Wish Project, which will be installed later this month! This picture features an advance copy of Playing With Pop-Ups, which I received last week when I was in Golden for a marketing workshop. I had

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A Butterfly Book

The template for this butterfly book is available if you subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks to those of you who already do! I do enjoy designing paper projects like this and plan to change the template download quarterly. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you’ll receive each new template as they are released.

Notice that the pages in the center are book shaped and

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Artist Profile: Shawn Sheehy

The first time I met Shawn Sheehy, we spent an hour or so together in the pop-up book section at Powells Books in Portland. It was fun to page through the collection of movable books, oohing and aahing in tandem with another pop-up enthusiast.

Shawn Sheehy, Hesperana, 2010, handmade cotton/abaca paper

Shawn makes incredible pop-up books, often using his own handmade papers. He

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Pre-Order Your Copy of Playing With Pop-Ups

I’m excited to announce that you can now pre-order my new book Playing With Pop-Ups.

Click here to order your copy and receive a bonus: the materials and instructions to create your own pop-up dandelion card (this is project that is not featured in the book).

Playing With Pop-Ups features 15 amazing pop-ups by some of the top paper engineers today:

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