Pre-Order Your Copy of Playing With Pop-Ups

Pre-Order Your Copy of Playing With Pop-Ups

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I’m excited to announce that you can now pre-order my new book Playing With Pop-Ups

Click here to order your copy and receive a bonus: the materials and instructions to create your own pop-up dandelion card (this is project that is not featured in the book). 

Playing with Popups Final Cover

Playing With Pop-Ups features 15 amazing pop-ups by some of the top paper engineers today: Carol Barton, Elod Beregszaszi, Julie Chen, Mary Beth Cryan, Bruce Foster,Colette Fu, Ed Hutchins, Sam Ita, Paul Johnson, Yoojin Kim, Emily Martin, Kyle Olmon, Shawn Sheehy, Dorothy Yule, and yours truly. A gallery section in the back of the book serves to inspire.

There are two unique features in this book:

  • six mini-exercises that you get to make within the pages of the book
  • templates for each project that you can download and print onto your favorite papers

I’ve also just completed a pop-up alphabet. Receive a discount on Alpha Blocks when you order a copy with Playing With Pop-Ups.

Just click here to order. 

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