A Paper Guitar

A Paper Guitar

The Sunday Paper #285
November 10, 2019

Paper of the Week: Plantable Paper

I showed some neighborhood girls how to make plantable paper, which is the April project in The Paper Year 2020: A Creative Project Planner. They show you how you can make plantable paper in this adorable video.
There are limited copies, so don’t wait to get your copy of The Paper Year – now available for purchase. You can also get a curated paper pack that includes everything you need to complete all twelve of the projects.


Out of the Studio:

I’m at the Louisiana Art Educators Association conference this weekend, where I was invited to give the keynote address, teach some workshops, and exhibit my work at the Alexandria Museum of Art. I love these three pieces created with abaca – wet sheets were literally nailed to the wall – and as they dried, they reacted to the nails. This work is available.


Papery Tidbits:


Check this out! YouTuber Burls Art made a guitar out of 800 sheets of paper and it sounds—to the untrained ear, at least— awesome! The beveled edge of the guitar shows off the layers of paper. Watch him build and play it at the link. He makes guitars out of all kinds of materials. Oh, and I love that there’s a website called Nerdist.com!

This is a week for paper in odd places. Etsuko Ichikawa draws with molten glass on paper. How fascinating! Click through to read about her accidental discovery and the wide variety of papers she had to try until she came up with the right one.

Congratulations to paper colleague Aimee Lee for receiving the Heritage Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council! Aimee has contributed a wealth of knowledge to the field through her research and work on Korean hand papermaking techniques. Aimee was a guest on Paper Talk.

Are you interested in paper garments? Design Eye Creative paper on skinBurnie Wearable Paper Art Competition 2020 is now open for submissions. This paper fashion show in Tasmania has become quite popular over the years.

A reader shared these funky folksy newspaper clocks with me recently.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
A Flower Strip Book, one of 12 projects in the 2020 Paper Year, The Papermaker’s Companion, The Paper Year, and The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD.
The Paper Year


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