A Paper Archive

A Paper Archive

The Sunday Paper #453

March 26, 2023

At the beginning of the year, I decided to start a new project: posting a daily paper in my archive on Instagram. Now that I’ve surpassed 50 days, I can reflect on a few things I’ve discovered by doing this project. First and foremost, I’m getting these papers that I’ve moved from studio to studio over the years out of a pile in the bottom drawer of my flat files. They are currently in order in a box, and soon I will purchase archival boxes to house them. The other fun discovery is the memories attached to each paper. Every time I create a post, I think about where I got the paper, when I made it, etc. – and that has turned out to be really fun – and quite manageable, because I’m only writing one post at a time. I’m creating a spreadsheet with all of this information, so that one day, when I hopefully turn this archive over to someone, I’ll have a record of these memories along with the physical papers.

If you’d like to read more about the sheets pictured below, click on the images, and you’ll be transported to the relevant Instagram posts.


I haven’t really explored TikTok, but I enjoyed this one-minute video about the Minnesota Center for Book Arts on the platform.


Meagan Woods assembled a collaborative team of artists, musicians and performers to create an innovative, experimental opera/installation called Once She Dries, addressing the critical condition of coral reefs around the world caused by climate change. The collaborative piece includes this handmade paper loop by Nancy Cohen that circles the gallery. The exhibition runs through April 2nd at the SMUSH Gallery in Jersey City, NJ.

Nancy Cohen, Segment of handmade paper loop that circles the gallery. Wire, thread and handmade paper, 80” x 140” x 46,” 2022. Photo credit: Maddie Orton


I love this! Flocks of paper origami hummingbirds crafted by children from around the world departed their locations to “attend” the UN Water Conference in New York from 22-24 March, carrying the future generation’s resolve to turn the tide on the global water crisis.

UN Ghana Pupils at Independence Avenue 1&2 Junior High School in Accra, Ghana, hold origami hummingbirds, as part of the World Water Day 2023 campaign.


How funny! This is the week of visual art operas. If you’re in the Bay Area, check this out: Composer and visual artist Gino Robair presents Radical Divination, his “opera of augury through papermaking.” During this event, papermakers create—using performative, game-based structures—a score for an operatic work.


Paper Tidbits


In the Studio: 

Join me for a 1-hour Zoom workshop and presentation this coming Thursday, March 30th at noon MST. I’ll talk about my Paper Year Membership Program, and then we’ll dive into making this Faceted Map Ring. All you need is a strip of paper! Read all about it and sign up here.

If you’ve contributed map strips to my Weaving the World Together project, I hope you saved the rest of your map, because it would work perfectly for this project. If you don’t have a map, or prefer not to use one, any text weight paper that folds well will work.

The first and last images below are the same map (front and back) and the middle image shows a decorative lokta paper with a mini faceted map ring in the center.

Papermaking Series: Denim Paper


Featured in my Studio shop:

The Art of Papercraft, Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds, the Red Cliff Paper Retreat, and The Papermaker’s Companion.

The Art of Papercraft


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  1. Nina Hawes says:

    I took an hour out of my schedule of preparing tax returns to join you making the faceted map ring. It was relaxing and fun. I’m looking at the map ring next to my computer and tax files. It wasn’t perfect but still makes me smile. Thanks for a good experience.