A Brighter Year Ahead

A Brighter Year Ahead

The Sunday Paper #341

December 6, 2020

Congratulations to Gill Watson, the winner of last week’s Giveaway. Gill wins a free subscription to The Paper Year Annual PDF plan.

Papermaker of the Week: Christine Higgins

© Christine Higgins, a two-sided tapestry of cotton, abaca, kozo, and pigmented, overbeaten abaca.

Christine Higgins lives in Readfield Maine, where she makes handmade paper art in her unheated garage in the summer and fall. She is also a member of Circling the Square Press in Gardiner, Maine, where she enjoys printmaking processes year round. She sometimes combines her prints and artist made papers.
Because the pandemic limited large group gatherings during the summer of 2020, Serena Sanborn, of “Waterville Creates” visited many Maine artists, filming them in their working environments. This video shows several examples of Higgin’s papermaking processes.

In the Studio: The Paper Year Kickoff Event: A Brighter Year Ahead

Save the date & register! I’m hosting an online event to kick off The Paper Year 2021 on January 3rd at noon my time. This is a free event and is open to anyone (please spread the word to your paper-loving friends around the globe). I’ve designed this special pop-up lantern that I’m going to teach you to make – you’ll receive a list of the basic supplies you need when you register. You will also learn all about The Paper Year, my new online subscription club featuring a paper project every month.

Here’s to a brighter year ahead!


Papery Tidbits:

  • Rachel Hazell has a new online class called WrapLove (see below). If you’d like to get to know Rachel, you can listen to my interview with her on Paper Talk.
  • Have you checked out The Paper Advisor? Discover my most popular papermaking and papercraft resources – including information about tools and supplies, how-to videos, and paper tips – all in one place!
I had a lovely conversation with Rosston Meyer on Paper Talk. Meyer is a designer, paper engineer and publisher who creates pop up books under the name Poposition Press. Working mostly with contemporary visual artists, Meyer has self published over 20 pop up books, cards and pop up art prints since he started Poposition in 2013. Meyer is one of just a handful of people in the world that self publishes pop up books, entirely managing each project from design to production to marketing to distribution. Enjoy our conversation!
Make present-giving extra-special this year, by creating beautiful hand-made parcels with Rachel Hazell’s WrapLove ecourse. Using materials you have at home, personalize your packaging so that it becomes part of the gift itself. Thoughtful and simple techniques transform your wrapping into memorable, gorgeous creations. Rachel Hazell guides you to create quirky individual papers, and a most elegant box, made to suit every occasion. Lose yourself in colorful patterns and joyful shapes in this light-hearted course, suitable for all levels. Sign up for instant lifetime access to WrapLove – or give the course as gift this Christmas!
Check out this animated origami (note: when you click on the link, wait for the ad to end and then scroll down to find the video). For the third year in a row, the grocer IGA collaborated with agency Sid Lee in Canada to create an animated short film for the holidays: “Made With Love.” This year, IGA decided to use its annual holiday tale to help finance research in the area of pediatric oncology for the Fondation Charles-Bruneau (in Quebec).
The Paper Year 2020 is drawing to a close, but there’s one last project to create: this one-sheet tree.  Hop on over to The Paper Studio, my free Facebook group (you have to answer a couple of questions to gain access) to read more about this month’s challenge and join our community of paper lovers.

This exhibition at the Fuller Craft Museum looks amazing. Curated by Peter Held, Particle & Wave: Paper Clay Illuminated, is a groundbreaking, traveling, international exhibition featuring 45 artists from across the globe who are redefining the potential of the ceramic arts and representing a commitment to their craft.


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  1. Penny Ortmann says:

    Christine Higgins’ studio is more than an” unheated garage”. It’s a beautiful structure. Her website is gorgeous and her creativity is inspiring. Thank you for introducing her to us.