The Paper Year is Coming Soon!

The Paper Year is Coming Soon!

The Sunday Paper #276
September 8, 2019

Paper of the Week: The Paper Year!

I received a printed proof of The Paper Year this week and had to make a video to show it to you! Marketing people tell me to make short videos, but I trust that you, dear reader, have a long enough attention span to watch and listen to me for 2 minutes and 46 seconds (feedback welcome). Copies of The Paper Year will be available in a couple of weeks.


In the Studio:


Papery Tidbits:


There is such a variety of pulp painting! Indiana-based artist Terry Lacy uses handmade paper — the process of dipping and applying a wet pulp of pigmented cotton or other plant fibers — as a medium. As a result, his landscapes features irregular feathered edges that follow the contours of the images and are unique to the medium. She has work in this show.

Paula Beardell Krieg just told me about this Hidden Box structure she’s teaching at the National Museum of Mathematics in NYC in October.
This lecture happened yesterday in Decorah, IA, but I like the image so I’m sharing. Mary Hark and Maria Amalia Wood both talked about their work with handmade paper and other materials.
What a fascinating exhibition: Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage at the National Galleries of Scotland features the first comprehensive museum survey of the history of the technique.

A scrap-work screen by William Macready and Charles Dickens. Photo: Josie Elias, National Galleries of Scotland.

There are two paper beauties in this feature from This Is Colossal. I especially like the spinning zoetrope built from cut paper!


MY NEW BOOK – I NEED YOU! A big thank you to all who have sent recent submissions. I’m a bit behind in photographing and sharing, but will do so soon!
I’m in the gathering phase for my next book about all kinds of objects you can create with a single sheet of paper. I envision a visual design element that runs through the book and features a gorgeous array of paper. Do you have a sheet or two to send me? I’m looking for samples of the following, and this list is by no means complete. I want to open people’s eyes to what they can do to a sheet of paper, followed by projects showing what they can do with a sheet of paper.

  • coated papers, such as persimmon, indigo, etc.
  • dyed papers like itajame, shibori, etc.
  • paste papers
  • marbling (I have enough of these)
  • simple printing techniques
  • rubber stamping/mark making
  • stenciling
  • dimensional techniques, like embossing, momigami, etc.
  • unusual techniques
  • handmade papers (this won’t be a book about how to make paper, but again, I’d like to show readers what is possible).


  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ samples (more or less)
  • Please label these on the back of each sheet with your name, e-mail address, website (if relevant) and a brief but thorough description including the type of paper, the technique, etc.
  • Mail to: Helen Hiebert, 113 Mill Loft St. Unit C213, Edwards, CO 81632

Deadline: October 15, 2019
I will credit you in the book and will be eternally grateful for your contribution. Thank you!


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
Vertices, an artist’s book, Water Paper Time download, Alpha, Beta, …, an artist’s book, my Woven Paper Lantern online class.


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  1. Gina Pisello says:

    Wonderful potpourri of paper goodness this week Helen. The calendar video is great and not too long and the paste paper… oh my. I love your exhibit images on IG. Thank you for my weekly dose of paper happenings.

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