The 200th Edition of the Sunday Paper

The 200th Edition of the Sunday Paper

The Sunday Paper #200

March 18, 2018

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Paper of the Week: Papermaking Kits
My husband and I are in Europe this month to visit our daughter Lucah who is spending a year in Landau, Germany. We’ve been on the move this first week with a stopover in Iceland (drop dead gorgeous), a quick check-in with Lucah in Landau on our way to the Alps, where we are spending a few days at the Sonnenalp Resort, Lech Zurs (skiing) and Garmisch. Next week we’ll return to Landau, when our daughter has a 2-week school break around Easter.

Look what I found at the hotel gift shop in Germany: a papermaking kit! It was right there on the end of the shelf, staring at me. Here are a few resources for papermaking kits and suppliers. Let me know of you know of others!


Out of the Studio: New Episode on Paper Talk Featuring Sue Gosin
Paper Talk is my monthly podcast series featuring artists and professionals who are working in the field of hand papermaking. This month I interviewed Sue Gosin, founder and Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of Dieu Donne Papermill, Inc. in New York City. Have a listen!

Papery Tidbits:

Steve Messam has created an armada of 180 boats which look like white ‘paper’ creations by day and light up at night. Each craft is made from a special polymer paper that folds and behaves like paper, but is also waterproof and weather resistant. These are on view through April 12th at Paddington Basin in London. Messam creates environmental installations, often with paper. I wrote about one of his paper bridges in this blog post.

This is a must-see paper show coming up at the International Print Center New York: Paper/Print: American Hand Papermaking, 1960s to Today, curated by Susan Gosin and Mina Takahashi. This focused exhibition is the first to trace the American hand-papermaking revolution as an outgrowth of the printmaking renaissance. It brings together the best, along with some of the rarest and lesser known examples, of two-dimensional works, artist books, and cast-paper multiples to spotlight the closely intertwined American stories of printmaking and papermaking in the contemporary period.

Other, 2009. © Richard Tuttle / Universal Limited Art Editions. Hand-formed, pigmented paper pulp on handmade wooden brackets. 25 x 54 x 3 3/8 in.

Lexus has created a 3D installation, done by perceptual art pioneer Michael Murphy. Titled “Letters”, the 16-foot art piece hangs from six ceiling panels and a steel frame, and features more than 2,000 suspended pieces of origami, each made from individual thank you letters from guests to Lexus dealerships. Watch to the end to see how the car turns into the Lexus logo – it’s pretty cool!

Have you seen the photos of JR? This is one of his photograph’s that popped up in September along the U.S./Mexico border. A 64-foot tall picture of a Mexican child named Kikito who lives just on the other side of the fence — built on scaffolding on Mexican soil, there was nothing U.S. border patrol agents could do about it. JR’s giant photographs have appeared in some 140 countries, sometimes in fancy art galleries, but more often than not pasted illegally on sidewalks and subways, buildings, and rooftops.

The movie A Wrinkle in Time features a flexagon in the opening scene, and this article about the costumes talks about the variety of materials the designers explored, including handmade paper for one of Mrs. Who’s dresses.

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