Nancy Cohen

June 5, 2021

Rock Paper

The Sunday Paper #366

June 6, 2021

It takes me a long time to use up a batch of abaca pulp. I find that two pounds of dry fiber goes a long way! I beat my last batch for a …

July 18, 2020

Papermaker of the Week

The Sunday Paper #321
July 19, 2020

Papermaker of the Week: Nancy Cohen

This is a new column. If you’re a papermaker and would like to be featured in the coming weeks and months, please fill out this form. …

April 11, 2020

Cabin Fever

The Sunday Paper #307
April 12, 2020

Paper of the Week: Momigami I have been making momigami over the past few years – a paper that is coated with konnyaku (devil’s tongue root powder mixed with water), and I have…
May 11, 2019

A Paper Wedding Dress

The Sunday Paper #259
Congratulations to Ashisha from Santa Fe for winning last week’s giveaway. Thanks to everyone else for participating!
May 12, 2019

Paper of the Week: Japanese Linen Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you;…
May 9, 2019

Nancy Cohen

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April 6, 2019

Criss Cross Accordion

The Sunday Paper #254
April 7, 2019

Paper of the Week: French Construction Paper

Hedi Kyle turned me onto French Paper. This is a family owned business that has been manufacturing paper for more than 140 years in Niles, …

September 12, 2015

Discover PaperLove

The Sunday Paper #72

Paper of the Week: Graph Paper

There are a lot of mundane papers that are pretty cool, like graph paper. I thought I’d do a little research about it, and it turns out that rectangular grid …