A Paper Wedding Dress

A Paper Wedding Dress

© 2019 Bob Matthysen

The Sunday Paper #259
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May 12, 2019

Paper of the Week: Japanese Linen

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you; if you aren’t a mother, you have a mother! It’s May, and we are still having snow storms here in the high country. Have you created this month’s Twelve Months of Paper Project? It’s an Architectural Tree that I designed for the 2019 how-to book.
This design is cut out of a single sheet of Japanese linen card stock. The only thing that gets removed are the little punched out stars.This paper comes in a variety of colors and two weights, and I love the texture! You can find it through Mulberry Paper and More or Washi Arts.


In the Studio: Nancy Cohen on Paper Talk

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Cohen on the podcast. Nancy is a New Jersey artist who was introduced to handmade paper during a residency program at Dieu Donne Papermill in New York City in the early 1990’s. She became entranced with paper as a material, and she talks about the similarities and differences she finds between paper and glass, a material she also works with. Nancy creates all of her work without a papermaking studio – she brings wet sheets that she makes at Dieu Donne back to her own studio – and she is pushing the medium in really interesting ways. We discuss the life cycles of her installations, which she often exhibits multiple times, her pulp drawings that were recently on view in NYC, and how she helped her son and daughter-in-law create their handmade paper wedding invitations gorilla style. Have a listen!


Papery Tidbits:

  • Awagami Mill in Japan has a residency program in the fall of 2019. I am tempted to apply!
  • The Women’s Studio Workshop is raising funds for a parent residency grant. What an appropo cause to donate to today! Will you join me?
  • I’m currently seeking a sponsor for each month of the Twelve Months of Paper. Contact me if you are interested in promoting your company in the book, on this blog and on Paper Talk.


You’ll see the paper wedding dress if you click the last link, but these paper gowns made by first year Design Formation students at Langara Collegeare in Vancouver are pretty impressive!

Belgian artist Bob Matthysen makes some incredible forms with abaca! I enjoyed this video about his work, even though I don’t speak the same language. Follow him on facebook to keep up with his latest paperings.

© 2019 Bob Matthysen

I love this new book by Ioana Stoian, called The A–Z of Motherhood. Within the pages, there are 26 words that map the first two years of her adventure as a new mother. Each page of handmade paper is dyed with the color that corresponds to its specific word, amplifying the energy of the emotions, and the range of colors are highlighted in the unique piano hinge binding.

© 2018, Ioana Stoian

Has this show traveled to your area? The Asian Lantern Festival is taking over parks and zoos across the country and showing off thousands of colorful handmade paper lanterns in open, green spaces. Next up: Cleveland. This must be a sight to behold at night!

And last, but certainly not least! Check it out, a wedding dress made from paper!


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  1. Sally Padley says:

    Helen, have you seen the fabulous paper clothes and gowns by Isabelle de Borschgrave? I saw an exhibit at the Baker Art Museum in Naples, FL in March, and it blew me away. The garments are paper copies of clothing in paintings of Renaissance and French figures, such as the Tudors and the de Medicis and costumes from the ballet. They are sumptuous and gorgeous and I was completely blown away by them.

    • Hi Sally, I’ve seen them many times in articles and online, but never in person. Looking forward to that day! Thanks for reaching out, and I hope all is well! – Helen

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