Papermaker of the Week

Papermaker of the Week

The Sunday Paper #321
July 19, 2020

Papermaker of the Week: Nancy Cohen

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© 2020, Nancy Cohen, Migration Drawing, 67 x 55 inches, abaca, cotton and linen pulp on pigmented abaca paper

Nancy Cohen makes drawings, sculptures and installations in a variety of materials, including handmade paper. For the last five years a major focus has been on a series of large-scale drawings, many of which are based on waterways and all which are constructed sculpturally. Nancy doesn’t have the facilities for making large sheets in her own studio, so she begins by making pigmented papers (primarily abaca and sometimes cotton) in space she rents at Dieu Donné Papermill in NYC. She transports the sheets back to her studio in Jersey City, pressed but still wet, then assembles them, in a quilt-like fashion. Later, she draws on these constructed surfaces with various densities and varieties of paper pulp. The wet pulp on the dried sheets causes a buckling on the surface that appears very much like stitching. The finished works speak to the physicality of the body and simultaneously evoke an intimate sense of touch, in a way akin to being in nature experiencing both vastness and quiet moments of focus. You can listen to my conversation with Nancy on Paper Talk.


In the Studio: Online Paper Sale Coming Soon!

I’m getting ready for an online paper sale during the first week of August. I’m bringing back my bubble paper in a variety of colors (I made a few black & white sheets yesterday, which you see here). Save your pennies so that you can collect some fine papers that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! I will have translucent abaca, other watermarks & more.


Papery Tidbits

  • If you teach online, Alyson Stanfield is offering The Sales Page Blueprint for Artists who teach and want to write compelling sales pages that encourage more students to register for their classes and workshops. I signed up! Class is this Thursday and Friday, one hour each day, on the pay what it’s worth model. (Please note that this is an affiliate link; I’ll earn a small commission if you sign up).
  • Participants in my Paper + Light online class are doing some amazing things with… paper + light! I’ll share some of them with you eventually, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in signing up for Session 2, we start on August 6th!
  • Did you have a chance to listen to my podcast interview with Pam Paulsrud?


I love these drawings by Kay Lee with white pencil on black paper.

© Kay Lee, as seen on My Modern Met

Fold a circular fan with Paul Jackson. The British Origami Society had him on a Facebook Live recently.

Watch Molly Margaret of Newfoundland make a paper cut piece about seasonal affective disorder and hope. This is part of a series called Paper Cuts.

The Paper Bag Project at The Montgomery Center for the Arts looks like a lot of fun, with participants from around the globe. An online exhibition opens tomorrow.

A cat-take on the paper bag mask. Credit: Montgomery Center for the Arts.

Speaking of paper bags, Ashleigh Perrie made the best of her covid19 quarantine after being on a cruise ship using paper bags! She created what she calls PAPER BAG ELEGANZA. All of the outfits were created from 100% from recycled paper bags, napkins, bio degradable containers and disposable cutlery that were delivered to her hotel room.


Puppy update. The pups are 4 weeks old, and we’ll get ours in 4 weeks… click through to see them in action. Katalyst Kennels has already posted another cute video on their page… rabbit hole warning! My heart is melting.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
Paper + Light Online Class; Try It! Panel Shade online workshop; Ruffle, a drawing in paper; and Playing With Paper.


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