December 20, 2017

Happy Solstice!

25 Days of Paper – Day 21

December 21, 2017
On this shortest day of the year, I’d like to share a few paper lights with you.

HiiH Lights makes custom handmade paper lights in Astoria, Oregon. Be sure to …

December 14, 2017

A Simple Book Structure

25 Days of Paper – Day 15

December 15, 2017
When does inspiration strike?
Last year around this time, I was looking at a pile of catalogs/junk mail on my dining room table. And I envisioned this book sculpture. I …

December 10, 2017

Holiday Cards

25 Days of Paper – Day 11

December 11, 2017
Do you send holiday cards? I used to have a tradition (before I had kids, which is already 18 years ago)! Often, I get hung up on the ‘making the …