Reminiscence Papers GIVEAWAY!

Reminiscence Papers GIVEAWAY!

The Sunday Paper #220

August 5, 2018

Paper of the Week: 27 Sheets of Reminiscence Paper Giveaway!

Enter to win (27) 18″ x 24″ sheets of artist papers by Debra Glanz/Reminiscence Papers. The papers are printed on archival 28-32# text weight stock making them suitable for bookbinding, card making, collage, functional origami and so much more.

You can find also Reminiscence Papers Designs at 30% off and all other paper and paper arts items 25% off at and This sale lasts through August, so stock up now!


In the Studio:

The 2019 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar design is almost a wrap (thank you Zina Castanuela)! I’m delighted to share the cover with you, and calendars will be available in September.
Here’s what’s new this year:

  • Four guest designers: a pop-up by Shawn Sheehy, a paper cut by Béatrice Coron, quilling by Ann Martin and origami by Trinity Adams.
  • 12 new how-to projects (can you guess which projects are created by the guest artists)?
  • A custom paper pack featuring a new selection of papers – everything you need to make the projects!
  • Innovative techniques for working with paper.

Papery Tidbits


Did you watch Making It on NBC last Tuesday? A group of crafters hosted by Nick Offerson and Amy Poehler are competing for a grand prize. This is a skill-based reality contest show for crafting, and each contestant has a D.I.Y. specialty – but all are expected to work in various media. I was pleased to see that several of the artists used paper in their projects! The series is 6 weeks long, so you can still catch the next 5 episodes.

Lotte Reiniger was a pioneer of animation, and instead of drawing, she cut out paper to make her short films. Click through to watch the animated film from 1935!

These gorgeous products are made from woven paper! Amidst the colossal mess of waste paper in Jaipur, Neerja Palisetty is repurposing the mounds of paper waste into all sorts of woven products. The paper fiber is spun using shredded pieces of paper (anywhere between 2-4mm) on charkhas, and then the yarns are twisted to make the subsequent fabric durable. The products she is creating are so unique!

Tony Carlone shared this image over in Club Paper this week. He said: “Made a batch of paper using iris and naturally dyed abaca I’ve had sitting in my freezer. The iris fibers were donated by a wonderful woman during my time as an intern/volunteer at the Morgan Conservatory back in 2016.” I can’t get over the photo, not to mention the gorgeous papers. There’s too much to share here, so I hope you’ll pop over to Club Paper and join us to see more paper works!

Patterson Clark gets almost all of his art materials from weeds (ink, paper, and more). Watch this fun interview conducted by a CBS news reporter who followed him around the neighborhood and into the studio.


About our Sponsor: Reminiscence Papers is an online store selling papers and supplies for artists and craftspersons working in various media. We offer papers in several sizes, letterpress type, collage paper, vintage buttons, bookbinding paper, toy parts (new and vintage), origami paper, twill tapes and so much more (did I mention paper?). Many, but not all, of the papers are in the Reminiscence Papers line designed by Debra Glanz and while all of these were designed primarily for book arts they have found a much wider range of applications. Visit and Give yourself plenty of time to browse the more than 500 items listed. And don’t forget about the sale going on over there through August!


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