Sustainable Paper + Craft

Sustainable Paper + Craft

The Sunday Paper #355

March 21, 2021

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelsey Pike on Paper Talk. Pike is a production papermaker based in Kansas City, Missouri. She learned papermaking and started her brand Sustainable Paper And Craft while attending the local art institute in 2010 and since then she’s sold over 100 thousand sheets of paper (!!). She specializes in papers specifically designed for artists and makers, made from recycled fabric and other sustainable fibers. She’s currently searching for a long term apprentice who will work with her in the studio for the next few years to learn the tedious and back-breaking process.


I’ve seen lots of paper jewelry over the years, but Brent Walden has the best name for his origami earring business. Can you guess what it is (think earring + origami)?

As seen in The Daily Advertiser

Wowza! Look closely to see what these bonsai tree sculptures by Naoki Onagawa are made of. That’s a LOT of paper folding!

As seen on Design Boom.

I love community projects, and this one, in which about 30 children came together to contribute to a large interactive art piece, began pre-Covid-19 and finally got to be exhibited. The children’s drawings of historic Black Americans, as well as inventions credited to have been created by Black inventors, were pieced together to form a mural at the Framingham, MA Memorial Building.


Papery Tidbits:


In the Studio: 

I’m making paper on a larger mould this week, and I’d forgotten about the hammered metal plate bearing the number 376. I love that it has a history! How many papermakers’ hands graced that same mould that I am now using to make paper? It is well worn and has made many sheets, that’s for sure. Whose paper was it? What did they use it for? It had a wire watermark on it when I purchased it in England over 15 years ago, and it surely holds secrets.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

Package of 3 Films, Playing With Pop-Ups, Try It! Party Light Workshop, and a Decorative Paper Set.


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