Decorative Paper Set


A set of four sheets, once accidentally sliced into two pieces. Read detailed paper descriptions below.

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Laureli Spokes

100 gsm, 14” x 20”

This is an exclusive design that features a retro two color silkscreened design, printed on handmade recycled rag paper from India. Funky spoke and star patterns twinkle their way across an orange background that pops!

Portugese Cork Paper

140gsm, 14″ x 20″

This naturally water-resistant cork paper is handmade in Portugal and has many uses including box wrap, book covers, accessory covering, wallpaper. Cork is the outer bark of the tree and is highly renewable and organically grown. This environmentally friendly sheet is made of thin layers of cork laminated to a coated base paper. The cork is acid free, but the backing paper is not. Corkskin takes a great impression if you are a letterpress printer.

Italian Carta Varese Origami Paper

100 gsm,13 1/2” x 19”

This classic Italian Print Paper is silk-screened by hand in Italy and has a nice matte surface. Heavier than traditional origami paper, it still has a smooth surface and creases well with crisp folds. It features lively, curled red scroll patterns that will embellish any project.

Nanohana Washi

48 gsm13” x 19” (in two parts)

This “nature paper” from Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan contains delicate green and yellow flecks of the nanohana plant, a seasonal flowering plant (related to broccoli) that grows along the local Yoshino river. Awagami collects the florets each Spring to mix into these sheets of washi that are translucent yet strong.