Small Sheets

Small Sheets

The seal of Fabriano displayed on a brick wall typical of the city. CATHERINE LOMBARD

The Sunday Paper #420

July 10th, 2022

Today’s the last day to join us in The Paper Year.

Explore creative paper techniques; receive project instructions designed to spark ideas that keep you creating for the rest of the month; and join our growing community of paper lovers online to learn and share in a warm, encouraging, supportive, creative community.  Click here to read more, watch the video and register. 

The Paper Year - 3Q2022


This lead in line to an article caught my attention: “The titular video work ⽻化 (wings becoming), 2022, in Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho’s recent solo presentation at 47 Canal invigorated the New York gallery with the whirring of 16mm film, the heat of the projector, and the shifting light of the images in the viewing room. The works in the show were created in lockdown, many of them with handmade paper.

Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho, 羽化 (wings becoming) (still), 2022, 16 mm film, color, silent, 6 minutes 20 seconds.


These drawings on paper by Kathleen Henderson are so poignant! “Henderson has been drawing her way through nearly 30 years of exasperation at this country’s political corruption, military operations, environmental degradation, and social unrest, creating a devastating register of human folly and wrongdoing.”

Kathleen Henderson, Cage, 2021, oil stick and oil on paper, 24 by 28 ½ inches. PHOTO SEAN MEREDITH


During my upcoming class in Italy, we’ll be visiting Fabriano, an historic papermaking village. Yes, that Fabriano – their paper can be found in art stores worldwide. Here’s a lovely glimpse into the medieval town.

The seal of Fabriano displayed on a brick wall typical of the city. CATHERINE LOMBARD


This amazing time-lapse video shows Chris Conrad, 22, creating a breath-taking five-foot-nine high statue – from a single piece of paper. It looks like he glued several sheets of paper together to create the large sheet, and I found it fascinating to watch him folding in various settings.


I’m featuring one-sheet wonders here on the blog, since the projects my new book, The Art of Papercraft, fall into that category. I’d love to feature your one-sheet wonders!

Marilyn Hammick is a maker, a stitcher and a writer with a practice that aims to create forms that bring paper, thread, fabric and words together. Below you’ll find two of her renditions of projects in The Art of Papercraft:

Left: Pleat and Dot, 2022, is a Swirling Flower, made with wrapping paper and measuring 8 x 8 inches;

Right: On Display, 2022, is a Pleated Display Stand (designed by Hedi Kyle for the book) created in A4 mi teintes paper and displays offcuts from Hammick’s paintings.


Paper Tidbits:


In the Studio:

I’m going to be offering a weekly selection of Small Sheets in limited quantities for the next several weeks. You might recognize many of these sheets from last year’s Curated Paper Collections (I had a few leftover sheets) but there will be other papers in the mix too.

This week’s selection includes ten sheets ranging in size between 7″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″. They tuck neatly into a stiff mailing envelope for first class shipping. I have 10 sets for $24.99 each (plus $3 for shipping in the US). I’m happy to ship elsewhere, but the shipping charge will be higher. Click through to read a bit about each paper and order a set.


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