Pleated Paper Cards

Pleated Paper Cards

The Sunday Paper #478

September 17, 2023

You are invited to a free online workshop on zoom on Friday, September 29th at noon mountain time. We’ll be making these Pleated Paper Cards, and I’ll be talking about The Paper Year, which opens for registration that day. Click here to register for the free workshop, and you will find more information about The Paper Year at the bottom of that page. I hope you’ll join us!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Marieke de Hoop on Paper Talk. de Hoop has been making and experimenting with paper for the past 40 years using traditional papermaking techniques. She runs PapierLab in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where she works with artists and makers to create unique, beautiful and sustainable papers and products.


Yaron Steinberg’s brain/city serves as the artist’s visual diary. Viewers are invited to uncover hidden meanings woven within its delicate and ephemeral materiality, including paper, string, and light, which serve as metaphors for the fleeting nature of life itself with their fragility and transiency.

©Yaron Steinberg, as seen on designboom.


My family attended my nephew’s wedding at the end of June, and I recently donated a copy of The Art of Papercraft, along with some papers, to his company’s Big Give Day raffle in San Antonio (coming right up: 9/20 – 9/21). Project QUEST provides their clients with education or training for a living-wage career that leads to post-secondary degrees or industry-recognized certifications. QUEST’s model is focused on economic stability, emergency assistance, and providing the tools necessary for a participant and their family to be successful long-term. This video is moving and sums it all up.

Learn more and donate to The Big Give.


Take a mesmerizing look at the making of a late medieval book from start to finish.


Paper Tidbits

  • Check out this fun paper swap, the Handmade Paper Exchange! Submit 12 letter-sized papers and receive 10 sheets in exchange. $10 covers postage – what a bargain for 10 handmade sheets!
  • My latest video on Youtube features paper cutting tools. What’s your favorite paper cutting tool?


Featured Projects

I enjoy seeing what you create with the guidance of my books and workshops, so please consider sending me images! Here’s a group of lanterns submitted by Liza S. She found the instructions in my video tutorials playlist on Youtube. Here you see the Crown Lantern, Cube Light and Winter Solstice Lantern. How fun!


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  1. Roslyn Moresh says:

    I got knocked off your mailing list. I haven’t received your Sunday blog for a few weeks. I tried re-applying but it didn’t work. Have other people had this issue?

    • Helen Hiebert says:

      Hi Roslyn, I can see that you’ve been opening my blog posts, and your e-mail address is still subscribed. I did have an issue with sending the Sunday Paper via e-mail a couple of weeks ago (it went out late). Please be patient and let me know if you are still having issues. Everything looks fine on my end.

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