Patchwork Paper

Patchwork Paper

The Sunday Paper #270
July 28, 2019 (Happy 20th to our son Will)

Paper of the Week:

I wanted to use up some of my paper scraps and came up with a plan to make patchwork papers (there is a fantastic–and very different–tradition in Korea called bojagi). I had an intern compose/design the layout of the sheets, and then he applied a layer of methyl cellulose glue to attach the paper scraps to wet sheets of freshly couched cotton. Two things happened that weren’t so great: some of the scraps stained my felts and the blotters in my drying system (oops!), and several of the thicker scraps didn’t adhere well. So I decided to quilt the papers by running them through my sewing machine.


In The Studio:

The Twelve Months of Paper is rebranding as The Paper Year in 2020. This will be a 9″ x 7″ wire bound planner with twelve fun paper projects (one for each month). Here you see two covers the designer sent me – I know which one I’m going with, but thought I’d share a bit of the process with you. We’ll wrap up the design phase soon, and then the planner will go to the printer. They’ll be available early this fall!


Papery Tidbits:

  • Have you listened to the Paper Talk episode with Drew Matott of Peace Paper?
  • Would you be interested in a holiday gift-making online class? This would take place early this fall and would focus on simple paper projects that have been featured in past Twelve Months of Paper calendars. I’m contemplating this – e-mail me if you’re interested.
  • Check out the variety of papermaking workshops offered at Pondside Pulp & Paper in Norwich, NY


Yama Ploskonka, who runs Papel Texano, is aptly referred to as a a self taught Rube Goldberg/McGiver/mad scientist in this blog post by Peter & Donna Thomas (aka the Wandering Book Artists). You’ll be delighted to see several videos including one of Yama’s washing machine beater,

On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting Origami In the Garden, just outside of Santa Fe, where these amazing origami sculptures mingle with the arid New Mexican landscape. Here I am with Master Peace Monument, the work of Kevin + Jennifer Box. Folded origami is cast in bronze—here you see 500 cast cranes and 500 in the reflection in the granite base.
A Sunday Paper reader recently turned me onto the work of Anna Maria Scocozza. Check out her poetic wardrobe, which pushes the viewer to question social issues, injustices and marginalization.

© Anna Maria Scocozza, “MemorieAbbandonate-dettaglio” (Abandoned memories-detail), plastic and thread for poetic embroidery, poetic shoes

Take a peek at this sweet packaging made from paper tubes as featured on Paper Specs (they post a new video each week). Scroll down at the link to find some other super cool interactive print pieces.

MY NEW BOOK – I NEED YOU! I’m in the gathering phase for my next book about all kinds of objects you can create with a single sheet of paper. I envision a visual design element that runs through the book and features a gorgeous array of paper. Do you have a sheet or two to send me? I’m looking for samples of the following, and this list is by no means complete. I want to open people’s eyes to what they can do to a sheet of paper, followed by projects showing what they can do with a sheet of paper.

  • coated papers, such as persimmon, indigo, etc.
  • dyed papers like itajame, shibori, etc.
  • paste papers
  • marbling
  • simple printing techniques
  • rubber stamping/mark making
  • stenciling
  • dimensional techniques, like embossing, momigami, etc.
  • unusual techniques
  • handmade papers (this won’t be a book about how to make paper, but again, I’d like to show readers what is possible).


  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ samples (more or less)
  • Please label these on the back of each sheet with your name, e-mail address, and a brief but thorough description including the type of paper, the technique, etc.
  • Mail to: Helen Hiebert, 113 Mill Loft St. Unit C213, Edwards, CO 81632

I will credit you in the book and will be eternally grateful for your contribution. Thank you!


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
The Papermaker’s Companion, my films about paper, the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar (now 1/2 price) and 50 Revolutions, an artist’s book.
Twelve Months of Paper


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  1. Yama Ploskonka says:

    Thank you, Helen!
    as to one-page paper things, perhaps you’ll find useful the “canonical” apothecary envelope, the kind that I still got meds in years ago, down south. Actually, half-a-sheet was the norm, which works to one, as I know two variants… Will send you that.