My Journey, On Paper

My Journey, On Paper

The Sunday Paper #397

January 23, 2022

Patience is a virtue, right? I have always thought of myself as patient, and I like having a virtue, but… I… just… can’t… wait to get my hands on a copy of my new book! If I hadn’t been told that the first copy arrived at the publisher two weeks ago, and that my advance copy was scheduled to be delivered yesterday, my patience might not have worn thin… sigh.

In the meantime, I’m delighted to share this article that I wrote for Storey Publishing about the decades of inspiration behind The Art of Papercraft. From art school in Tennessee to teaching workshops all over the world, follow my journey as a teacher, artist and writer. Here’s an old photo of me (from the article) teaching a plant fiber papermaking workshop at Focus on Book Arts in Oregon.


There are quite a few illustrators who work with cut paper collage, and I was delighted (and sad) to learn about the award-winning work of author and children’s book illustrator Steve Jenkins, who passed away recently.


Remember dark rooms? Contact printing? The ‘old days’ of photography? I found this two-part post by Sarah Hall fascinating. The title of the posts caught my eye: My Quest to Make Art for the Living Room Wall. I was looking forward to seeing the art on the wall, but I learned that will be shared in Part 3, still to come. Here’s Part 1, and Part 2.


Holy cow! I just stumbled across the work of Peter Jacobs, who has created a collage from daily newspapers every single day, uninterrupted, for nearly 18 straight years. The article I’ve linked to has many interesting links, so I’ll let you wander down the rabbit hole. I love this quote, from his home page: “I strongly believe that one must challenge the previous day’s perceptions and find a new way to see this day.”


A reader sent me this video, which features Japanese washi designer, Haraguchi Keiko (scroll to 19:00 to catch her clip). She designs amazing and unique lighting fixtures.


Paper Tidbits:

  • Weave Through Winter, a month-long online class where we make a paper weaving-a-day, begins on February 1st. There are now 3 scholarships available, and the deadline is tomorrow (1/24/22).
  • The virtual book launch for The Art of Papercraft takes place on February 15th. Please register for this free event where we’ll make a project together; I’ll have a conversation with book artist Susan Joy Share; and you’ll discover some behind-the-scenes of the book making process.
  • Focus On Book Arts is taking applications to the Colleen Cavin Fellowship. The deadline is January 31st.


In the Studio:

I’ve shared a bit here about the paper engineering course I took last fall with Kelli Anderson (I’m interviewing her on the podcast soon). For my final project, I explored the slice form structure. There are so many possibilities, and I am so looking forward to what my Paper Year members do with it (slice forms is our topic in February). Here’s my pyramid, created with Duralar. I managed to do the drawings in Adobe Illustrator and cut the pieces on my Cricut (a real feat for me). Here’s a short video showing how the form collapses.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

The Art of Papercraft, Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds, The Papermaker’s Companion, and The Papermaker’s Studio Guide, a film download.

The Art of Papercraft


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