Luminous Paper Birds

Luminous Paper Birds

5 Books About Hand Papermaking Techniques

The Sunday Paper #193

January 28, 2018
Paper of the Week: Five Books about Hand Papermaking Techniques

I’m a huge fan of innovation in paper. This medium is incredible because aside from just making your own sheets, you can paint with pulp, drape freshly formed sheets over an armature, cast, embed, emboss, create watermarks, add inclusions and more. Check out this selection of books that focus on hand papermaking techniques.


In of the Studio:
This was the week to film the videos for Paper Weaving! My friend and fellow papermaker Daria Wilber came up from Denver to help film the six lessons. Now on to editing!
Papery Tidbits:
  • It isn’t too late to sign up for Paper Weaving. Join a group of paper lovers as you weave your paper stash into works of art!
  • Want to learn about hand papermaking techniques? My annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat is open for registration and this year’s theme is illuminated paper. This is the only event I hold in my Colorado studio. Join us Sept 7-9 and/or Sept 11-13.


There’s a new episode of Paper Talk featuring my conversation with San Antonio artist Beck Whitehead. Have a listen!

Swoonthe artist of the same name has an iconic style of portraiture, which she creates in her studio (out of paper) and then brings out to the street, using wheatpaste to transfer it onto walls.

Have you seen these Game of Throne pop-ups, created by LovePop in partnership with HBO?

Did anyone go to Lumiere, Vancouver’s winter light festival? Luminous Birds by Kathy Hinde, was an animated flock of origami-style birds suspended overhead. The birds are created in Tyvek, a water- and rip-proof paperlike material. As night fell, synchronized lighting sequences and music create the effect of birds flying overhead.

Luminous Birds by Kathy Hinde in Alexandra Park, Lumière Vancouver. Photo by the artist

This is a fascinating Q&A with Robert Lang, a physicist turned freelance artist and consultant who uses his background in physics and math to solve big problems with origami techniques.


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  1. This particular newsletter was INSPIRATIONAL !
    Often the links and articles are interesting but THIS one was pure joy@
    Looking forward to our class!

  2. Fabulous newsletter today! Diversity is amazing. All heart and soul using paper as the medium!