Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper

The Sunday Paper #251
March 17, 2019
Congratulations to the Wade Brickhouse, the winner of the Colophon Book Arts Supply Giveaway!

Paper of the Week: Japanese Cloud Paper

Made from 10% kozo and 90% manila hemp, this cream colored translucent paper features a dreamy cloud like pattern created with soft fibers that “float” throughout the paper. Machine made in a light weight of 27 g/m2, this paper can be used for paper arts, collage, book making, lighting, packaging and more. 25″ x 38″.

Sometimes you have to use a paper to see how it will behave. I got a sample of this paper from Graphic Products Corporation and had a feeling that it would be the perfect paper for an inflatable. To date, I’ve used tissue paper, abaca, tracing paper (bottom right image), gampi paper (bottom left) and kite paper for this type of structure. The cloud paper felt crisp enough to hold it’s shape and inflate. But I was wrong! Somehow, the kozo + abaca fibers let air through them, but I’m guessing I could wax the paper to seal them. More experimenting necessary! But in the meantime, I created the floral form that you see in the top right image, a variation on the inflatable construction.


In the Studio:
Speaking of inflatables, this is one of the book structures we’ll be creating in my upcoming online class. What is a book anyways? Join the discussion and create a series of flexible book structures that fold and unfold, collapse and expand, inflate and deflate. My new online class, Flexible Book Structures, is open for registration! Order the supply kit with the class (by March 20th, that’s this Wednesday) and receive a FREE copy of the 2019 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar!


Paper Tidbits:

  • There is one spot open in the Red Cliff Paper Retreat which I hold every year in my studio, September 14-18 (come for 3 days or stay for 5). Send me an e-mail if you have questions.
  • Have you listened to the Paper Talk episode featuring Leigh Suggs?
  • Wow of the Week: Matt Shlian’s paper work. I’ve featured Matt several times on the blog, and he has a show up in Santa Fe right now
  • I’m heading to Waco, TX today and am giving a public lecture at Baylor University that is open to the public. It will be in Hooper-Schaefer on Weds, March 20th at 5pm. I’d love to see you if you live in the area!


It’s March! Have you created the project in the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar? I created a video showing how to make this magnetic origami ring. If you don’t want to purchase the ring base, you can simply turn this into a refridgerator magnet. Send me a photo of your completed project, and I’ll feature it!

I loved paper dolls as a kid. Erin Ferrell created The Pirate Crew as humorous, simple and a helpful breast cancer educational materials. She makes dolls like Ms. Mastectomy and Ms. Chemotherapy that help patients navigate life through and after breast cancer. What a wonderful project!

I love this headline: The Art Behind Barichara’s All-Female Artisanal Paper Making. This is a beautiful photo essay documenting papermaking from fique, or cabuya, or sisal. I assisted with a similar project in Ecuador over twenty years ago; this one is in Columbia. Go paper!

Denver has an annual paper fashion show, and sadly, I’ve never made it. This year, the volunteer-run event is set to showcase the most extravagant paper fashion yet, with 54 teams that have been challenged to design fashion inspired by the concept of flight.

Photography by Talia Lezama; Designs by Lieser-Booren Art & Design; Actor/Aerialist Andrew Hill

Book artist Julie Chen was featured on the Books in the Wild podcast. Check it out!


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  1. Linda says:

    Hi Helen / I think konnyaku might work to seal the paper for the inflatable / I am working with konnyaku this week and will let you know / Linda

  2. Linda, YES! I’ve used konnyaku once before for an inflatable, although I think it was made from abaca, which already works… so a test with this particular paper is needed!

  3. Josephstymn says:

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