Circle Fold Kit Giveaway!

Circle Fold Kit Giveaway!

The Sunday Paper #250
March 10, 2019

Paper of the Week: Colophon Book Arts Circle Fold Kit

In honor of this month’s paper Twelve Months of Paper project (see below), Colophon Book Arts Supply is giving away a small kit that will allow you to make circles and folds then stick them together! A bow compass will create circles in any size, the scissors for cutting those circles, and the bone folder to create the folds in the project. Finally, the glue stick to help you craft on the go! Click here to enter the giveaway!


In the Studio:
Do you crave the inspiration you get from the act of making? Love books and paper? Have a desire to connect with others who share these same goals? Join me in creating a series of flexible book structures that fold and unfold, collapse and expand, inflate and deflate. My new online class, Flexible Book Structures, is open for registration! Feel free to tell your friends about this class and/or sign up with one of them! This class is for all levels of experience.

Want to learn more before you register? Sign up for my free webinar this coming Thursday, March 14th at 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST. If you can’t watch it live, you can still sign up, and I’ll send you the replay.


Paper Tidbits:

  • Thank you to everyone who purchased paper through my online paper sale (it was my biggest sale ever)!
  • WOW of the Week: The Focus on Book Arts conference is now open for registration. This is a beloved book arts summer camp in Oregon, and if I were able to attend I’d take Steph Rue’s class on Paper Bojagi.
  • I’ll be in Waco, TX next week and am giving a talk at Baylor University that is open to the public. It will be in Hooper-Schaefer on Weds, March 20th at 5pm. I’d love to see you if you live in the area!


It’s March! Have you created the project in the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar? Here’s a picture of the project (made by Elissa Campbell) sitting on the calendar. It is an Origami Refrigerator Magnet created from 9 circles (see why that giveaway kit would be helpful)? Need a copy of the calendar? They’re now half price, or purchase 10 copies for $75 (that’s the cost of 3 copies at the regular price). Share the paper love with your friends and family!

Janna Willoughby runs Papercraft Miracles in Buffalo, NY. This article describes her hand papermaking business and her work. I love Janna’s sentiment, as she describes her work as an artist, poet and musician: “Words, designs, and images all interact together to make one bigger statement or concept. The viewer doesn’t just look at the painting or hear a poem, they interact with the art, they experience it.”

Meet the artist Leigh Suggs on my podcast Paper Talk. I met Leigh 10 years ago when she took a sculptural papermaking class with me at The Penland School in North Carolina. We talk about her upbringing with a mom who was an art professor, how she didn’t think she’d ever be an artist, how her life just kept going in that direction, and today she makes a living making paper art. And of course we chat about her work: she’s interested in getting us to think about how we see and how we use language to describe what we see in her pieces that employ optical trickery. Enjoy our conversation!

Art Zone’s, Nancy Guppy (Seattle), recently interviewed Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s founder Cynthia Sears. This is so worth a listen (you’ll find the interview at 6:49 – 14:35) as Cynthia gives her description of an artist’s book and talks about several of the books in the exhibition. If you don’t know, BIMA has a gallery dedicated to artist’s books collected by Cynthia. Open Sesame: The Magic of Artist’s Books Revealed just opened and runs through June 9th.

This is a beautiful 1000 Cranes story (if you don’t know the origin story about Sadako, you must look it up). This one is about Farhan Afzal who lost a 9-year battle with brain cancer this week, and how his teachers inspired and honored him with origami. Warning: it is a tear jerker.


About our Sponsor: Colophon Book Arts Supply is owned and operated by Mary Uthuppuru in Bloomington, Indiana. It is primarily an online retail store serving the unique and widespread book arts community composed of beginning students to advanced professionals that practice, teach, and study making books by hand. Colophon serves the needs of this diverse group with an extensive stock of tools and materials for bookbinding, marbling and their related disciplines, and maintains an intimate connection with customers that has been fostered for years. Through individualized correspondence during the ordering process and personal connections at professional events, Colophon seeks to provide its customers with quality tools and materials that will inspire them to make great work.


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    • Moe, hmmm, it is working for me, and lots of people have signed up. Not sure what is happening… let me know if you try again and don’t succeed and I’ll see if I can enter you. Anyone else having an issue?

  2. Micaela Seidel says:

    I thought I had an issue but discovered in an email that I had signed up. i think it is just that the link doesnt ping or click or say goodbye so it seems not done! haha.

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