Paper Weaving Workshop

Ever since I did my 100 x 100 Paper Weavings Project back in 2013, I’ve been thinking about the many ways to weave paper. And this past weekend, I had the opportunity to teach a new workshop at sweet spot in Erie, Colorado. Platypus Papers creates custom wedding stationery and all sorts of outside-of-the-box event props, which are worthy of another blog post – stay

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Artists' Books in the Marketplace

My booth at Codex featuring artists’ books, papers, trade publications & more

The Codex Book Fair, which I’ve had the privilege of attending three times, is by far the biggest marketing gamble I take in my business. It is a huge undertaking on many levels – cost: the hefty booth fee, travel expenses, and shipping; and time spent in preparation, marketing and being

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A visit to the San Francisco Center for the Book

Greetings from the Codex Book Fair! As you can see, it is a BUSY event. I’ve hardly had a chance to escape my booth the first two days, but I’m hoping to get out and about today amongst the viewers of books by 190 vendors! I’ll try to remember to take photos to post next week.

Last Friday and Saturday, I had the opportunity

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Paper Shops

Almost 25 years ago, on a short trip to Japan, I visited my first paper store. I don’t recall many details about the shop, except that I was inspired to learn everything I could about handmade paper after that trip. I’d never been in a paper store before, and I’m not sure that there were any in America in 1989 (go ahead, prove me wrong).

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Playing With Paper Kits

Today’s post features the new Playing With Paper Kits, which I recently launched in my on-line store.

My mother always encouraged me to make handmade gifts, and for a few years, she even hired me to make her holiday cards. And then there was the year she hired me to make latch hook rugs with the names of my cousins on them. I can’t

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Holiday Gift Making!

Forgive me if this seems like a bit of an infomercial, but a girl has to do her marketing! And pardon me if you receive a message like this twice in the next day or two. If you live in Colorado and subscribe to my newsletter as well as this – my BLOG – you’ll receive two similar notes. I give you permission to delete

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Another Giveaway!

Last week I typed about my next giveaway. I’m hoping to tempt you to make and share one of the projects in my book, Playing With Paper (a spin-off from a project qualifies too – creative twists are encouraged)!

To enter the giveaway, just e-mail a picture of your project to You will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the

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Playing With Paper Projects

I’m curious to know whether you have had a chance to try any of the projects in my book Playing With Paper? I’d love to see and share your creative ideas! But seriously, you can be honest and say no – I have plenty of books on my own shelf that serve purely to inspire.

For those of you who’d like to try making one

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Origamic Architecture

As many of you know, I’m writing a new book called Playing With Pop-Ups. I’m in the home stretch… my final manuscript is due July 1. I find this deadline both nerve wracking and relieving! But let me be the first to say that I’ll be smiling come July 1.

Pop-Ups were actually my entrée into the world of paper. Back in 1986, when I

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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

You never really know what to expect when you go on a TV or Radio Show. I’ve been on both in the last month to promote my newest book Playing With Paper. In my TV interview with Tricia Swenson from my local station, I was caught slightly off guard right off the bat when she opened our conversation with a statement rather than a question.

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