Paper Shops

Paper Shops

Almost 25 years ago, on a short trip to Japan, I visited my first paper store. I don’t recall many details about the shop, except that I was inspired to learn everything I could about handmade paper after that trip. I’d never been in a paper store before, and I’m not sure that there were any in America in 1989 (go ahead, prove me wrong).

Kate's Paperie, NYC

Kate’s Paperie, NYC

Not too long after that trip, Kate’s Paperie opened in NYC, where I was living. I can picture the street view of the first location (I can’t quite remember where that was (near The New School?)

Soon afterwards I was working at Dieu Donné Papermill in Soho where we were developing unique handmade papers, and around that time, Kate’s began expanded and opened a new location nearby (pictured above).  

Today, while there still aren’t paper stores on every corner, I would venture to say that there’s probably some sort of paper supplier in every state (an art supply store, a hobby shop, etc).


Shortly after I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998, Oblation Papers & Press opened their doors (do you see a trend here, maybe the paper stores are following me!) And although I prefer to buy papers in brick and mortar stores (so that I can touch and see them) there are on-line shops that provide those of us who live in remote areas an opportunity to get our paper fix (that is, if we don’t just make all of our own paper). 


There are even paper distributors, such as Graphic Products, Shizen Design and Paper Connection International, who import papers from around the world and distribute them through shops in this country. ‘


And of course there are several hand papermakers who sell their papers on-line, at trade fairs and through stores as well. Cave Paper, based in Minneapolis, is one such company. 

Where do you shop for paper? I’ve started a pinterest board and would love to add your shops and suppliers to the list. Please leave a comment below to add your favorite places to shop for paper!



  1. Jan de Waard says:

    Vlieger Papier in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  2. Dorothy Yuki says:

    Helen, when you are in San Francisco, go by Flax Art Supply on Market Street. They have a huge collection of papers. Ask for Kim.

  3. Carol says:

    Helen, Wet Paint, of St. Paul, MN, had and still has a wonderful paper section. I used to just stare at it or find reasons to buy some pieces so I could see more of the collection.

  4. I’m one of those people for whom paper stores are dangerous places! The Paper Place on Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario is wonderful, and there is once again a dedicated paper store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: SoulPaper.

  5. Candy says:

    University of Oregon Bookstore has the most amazing selection of papers. I always stop there on my way up to Portland. It’s the best!!!

  6. Niccela Churchill says:

    January 21, 2015
    Hello Helen
    I opened a handmade paper store in Banff, Alberta Canada called GINGKO AND INK ATELIER one half years ago.
    The address is 111 Banff avenue Harmony Lane- 403-762-3855. I have a Facebook page called gingkoandink
    I would love to send you some photos of the store. I love your blog and yesterday just received your book on painted papers.
    Regards, Niccela Churchill

  7. Nancy Akerly says:

    Great idea, Helen, to have a Pinterest Paper Sources page! I love a large local art store in Northeast Wisconsin:
    The Artist’s Guild, in Sturgeon Bay, which has a quite wonderful array of hand made, Japanese, Mulberry, and Momi, and Lokta papers.

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