Best Paper Gifts Guide

Best Paper Gifts Guide

Here’s my pick of a selection of cool paper products that are available this holiday season (ranging in price from $5 to $150). Purchase papery gifts while supporting artists, designers and brick and mortar shops. Please share this list with your friends! Bring on the PAPER LOVE!
Paper artists, crafters and designers: if you have a product you would like me to consider for future Gift Guides, please get in touch!

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Paper Earrings

Lily Earrings from Verso Studio These dip-cast handmade paper and brass lilies are the perfect ear adornment! Each earring is hand-dyed an ombre moss green, with hammered sterling silver and freshwater pearl drops and sterling silver earwires. About 2 1/2 inches long, from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the lowest drop. The fibers cling to the wire and shrink as they dry, and a tight paper skin is built up on the form over successive dips. Earrings are sealed to make them water resistant and durable.

Paper Insects

Magic Flying Butterfly from Two Hands Paperie
Surprise you friends with the Magic Flying Butterfly! Imagine the recipient’s wonderment when he or she opens a greeting card and a butterfly flutters out. Or place the butterfly in a book and amaze your friends when a butterfly flies away. Simply, twist the elastic band 35 times and place it in a card or book. It can be used again and again. Each butterfly is sold individually and is made of wire, an elastic band and paper. Send love and good fortune with the Magic Flying Butterfly.

Paper Wallets

Green Banana Paper Wallets

These handmade paper wallets come from one of the most remote islands in the world – Kosrae, Micronesia. The products they make are providing livelihoods, skill-development, and sustainable exports for a community of 6,000 people. These wallets are like leather, but without the cruelty. Banana paper wallets are naturally water, fire and tear resistant. A thin coating of wax is applied to the outside to protect against sweat, spills or rain. With thoughtful use, one can expect a wallet to last for years.

Paper Cards & Prints

Narnia Card by Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell’s love of paper and books resulted in a series of on-going book-cut sculptures, cut and created entirely from the pages of second hand books. Blackwell is particularly drawn to the world of fairy tales and folk lore for her works, and takes inspiration from well-known tales, such as Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, and tales collected by The Brothers Grimm.  

Blackwell’s seminal works are printed in books, postcards, prints and cards, all available on her online shop.  

Su will personally sign prints and books as gifts, please email her with your request.  

Paper How-To Book + Calendar

12 Months of Paper Calendar by Helen Hiebert Studio. The 2018 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar doubles as a how-to book and is filled with twelve fun paper projects for the whole family to create together. 12 months and 12 projects feature a list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete the projects, plus step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions. An additional Custom Paper Pack features a curated collection of decorative papers from around the world – no need to source your own supplies!

Paper Rope

Paper Rope from Paper Connection International

Handmade in Thailand, this paper rope can be used for a variety of paper crafts, including book arts, mixed media, sculpture, paper jewelry, all sorts of embellishments, and of course, sustainable gift wrap. This is a wonderful supply for those interested in shifu, or paper weaving. For those who love fiber arts, paper rope treads the line between paper and textile, literally weaving both worlds into one! This long rope of mulberry is wound up in a ball and is available in 5 shades. Each ball measures 2 mm x 20 meters, (a little over 60 feet in length).

Paper Accessories

Paper Accessories from Studio Carta
These tempered steel Silhouette scissors are beautifully elegant, with gold plated handles. They are designed for precision cutting. A thin layer of 24 karat gold is applied to the scissors to have a beautiful gold finish that makes them shine! Crafted in Italy and packaged at Studio Carta, the Silhouette scissors are perfect for cut detail work on paper or textile. Each pair is etched with the Studio Carta logo and is packaged in a clear bag with a letterpress printed paper label. These scissors are 4” = 11 cm long. Click through to check out a wide variety of unique scissors!

Paper Pop-Ups


Robert Sabuda Reindeer Sleigh Holiday Pop Up Cards

Designed by famed paper engineer Robert Sabuda, this box of six pop-up cards is produced by UWPLuxe and comes with the message Merry Christmas printed inside. What a lovely and unique way to share the holiday spirit with those you love!

Paper Tech

Electric Paint Lamp Kit from Bare Conductive. Makers of any ability can construct, customize and control three paper lamps using Bare Conductive’s electrically conductive paint. The kit comes with everything you need: electric Paint, a light up board, paper templates and a micro USB cable. No prior experience or tools required. Ambitious makers can create custom lamps on any paper or plastic thanks to a patent-pending connector method.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lantern Les Papoum by Moulin Roty
Step by step, badaboom, Papoum… in the twilight of the savannah, you can hear lions, hippopotami and elephants big and small in the distance, then watch them come up to the edge of the water for an evening swim. Presented by Bonjour Petit, Moulin Roty is a French toy company that has been crafting quality toys and their accompanying stories for 40 years with a focus on preserving the childhood soul. Lantern supplied without electric connections. 230V~50Hz – Bulb max 40W-E14.

Electronic Paper Stickers

Chibitronics Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers are a creative and fun way to learn electronics. Circuit stickers are LED circuits on peel-and-stick stickers. Build circuits without soldering, plugging wires, or clips. Instead, use the stickers with conductive tapes to draw circuits on paper and other crafts. Learn to build circuits while make interactive artworks. It’s easy, fun, safe and creative. The Chibitronics Starter Kit comes with the illustrated Circuit Sticker Sketchbook. 

Paper Activism 

The 50 Card Project
Artist Melanie Mowinski printed a different kind of limited-edition letterpress card every week from Inauguration Day to the end of 2017. She began with a card of FDR’s Four Freedoms on Inauguration Day. By the end of the three-color limited edition of 100 cards she decided that she needed to make a card every week for the entire year. These cards respond to what is happening in our country at the moment and how an artist can frame the situation to keep herself and others energized. They also serve as a reminder about what is important and at stake in our country.

Paper Hearts


Calligraphy Notes – Merry Christmas Card

Modern hand lettering by Portland calligrapher Andi Allison, letterpress printed in matte gold foil on Oblation Papers & Press’ new blush handmade paper, available in singles or boxes of six.

Oblation Papers & Press has been designing custom wedding invitations, baby announcements, business cards, and social correspondence for nearly three decades. Their products are carefully crafted printed pieces to announce your joyful life events.

Plantable Paper Necklaces 

Small Disk Necklace by Second Nature ProjectThese necklaces are made of stacked handmade paper discs that have clover and pollinator-friendly flower seeds embedded inside. The discs can be torn off and planted as you go about your day, elevating the necklace from a fashion accessory to a seed dispersal tool. The discs are strung on cotton cord that is hand dyed with onion skin and tea. Brass and felt components compliment the soft texture of the paper and give you a wearable keepsake even after all of the discs have been planted. Materials: Handmade paper with seeds, linen thread, brass or copper, handmade felt bead strung on naturally-dyed cotton cord. Each necklace comes with planting instructions.

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