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Flurry Paper

25 Days of Paper – Day 10; The Sunday Paper #186

December 10, 2017
NEWS FLASH: If you’re a last-minute shopper, I’ll be offering free shipping on any Twelve Months of Paper order through my online shop Tuesday – Thursday, December 12-14 (offer valid in the US only). There’s still time to get your order to you by Christmas or the end of Hanukkah!
Paper of the Week: The Sunday Paper & Paper Talk
On the even days during December, I’m highlighting the companies that are sponsors of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. These companies work hard to bring us beautiful papers, paper products, paper journalism, paper- and book making tools, paper history and more. Today, The Sunday Paper (aka this blog you are reading now and Paper Talk (my podcast series) are the sponsors!
I need your help! In 2018, I am planning to feature an artist or organization that is working with handmade paper every week on the blog. Please send me your ideas, and better yet send me a link to a website (yours or someone else’s) so that I can get my list started! At the point, I’m curating Paper Talk, but I’ll let you know when I need suggestions!
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In the Studio:

I’m going to plug this Best Paper Gifts Guide once more here. It features a selection of cool paper products that are available this holiday season (ranging in price from $5 to $150). Purchase papery gifts while supporting artists, designers and brick and mortar shops. Please share this list with your friends and bring on the PAPER LOVE!


This is a crazy music video that involves a LOT of digital printers and sheets of paper. Check it out!

Remember these old things with rabbit ears? Thibaut van Boxtel, aka Vébé, is a multi-talented designer who makes fantastic illustrations with paper.

Here’s a real (as in wow, this is how hard life can be and the obstacles that can get you) story about the struggles of Faith Bartley, a woman trying to re-enter society after prison (while helping others trying to do the same). And yes, it has to do with paper!

Whoa, this is pretty cool, although this “tissue paper” is more tissue than paper. This new kind of bioactive tissue paper is made of materials derived from organs that are thin and flexible enough to fold into an origami pig. The technology could potentially be used to support natural hormone production in young cancer patients and aid wound healing.

Check out this Indiegogo campaign for Flurry Cotton, a paper made specifically for letterpress printing by Boxcar Paper.


About the 25 Days of Paper 2017: I’m delighted to share my ideas for using this amazing material with you. If you’d like more info about the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar or the online classclick here. Receive these blog updates via e-mail by adding your address in the upper right hand corner of this page. Enjoy the season!

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