Aimee Lee on Paper Talk

Aimee Lee on Paper Talk

L: Marguerite Katchen; R: Jacqueline Harris

The Sunday Paper #244

January 27, 2019

Paper of the Week: Cavellini & Co. Wrap & Posters

I see paper everywhere. My local bookstore has a rack of papers that are meant to be gift wrap. This is high quality gift wrap printed on archival paper in Italy. I’m not sure I could use this to wrap a gift! Cavallini & Co. has hundreds of designs which they sell as gift wrap and posters, as well as hundreds of other stationery products that are available in retail stores around the country.

Do you sell handmade paper? I’d love to feature it as the Paper of the Week. Please reach out and tell me about it!


In the Studio
Aimee Lee, my guest on Paper Talk, is an artist, papermaker, writer, and the leading hanji researcher and practitioner in North America. Her Fulbright research on Korean paper led to her award-winning book, Hanji Unfurled, and the first US hanji studio in Cleveland. Among other things, we talk about how a prompt to answer “What is your life’s dream?” got her a Fulbright to study papermaking in depth in Korea. Enjoy our conversation!


Have you seen this? UK-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd builds dazzling birds, floral arrangements, and feasts from multi-colored layers of precisely cut paper.

Week two of the Weave Through Winter online class has yielded many amazing paper weaving studies and works of art! Here are two that were shared over in my free facebook group Club Paper.

Marguerite Katchen Jacqueline Harris

I’ve used contact paper to line shelves and to create watermarks in the papermaking process. Here are 10 ways to use this adhesive-backed paper to transform your space.

Photo: Anna Weaver, from Simplemost

Here’s a great article about Green Banana Paper‘s Matthew Simpson (listen to my podcast interview with Matt). Not only does he run a cool business making paper from local banana fiber in Micronesia, but he’s creating jobs for locals and much more!

GCC students and other community members check out Matthew Simpson’s display of wallets from Green Banana Paper. (Photo: Tamar Celis)

I enjoyed this article about the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection which is housed on the University of Southern Mississippi campus in Hattiesburg. Looks like it might be worth a trip!


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