A Cubicard Finale

A Cubicard Finale

The Sunday Paper #296
January 26, 2020

Paper of the Week: PaperPaul on Paper Talk

It was such a treat to speak with PaperPaul who runs the popular website Best Pop Up Books with his girlfriend Denice in The Netherlands. We talk about how the purchase of a copy of Robert Sabuda’s Alice in Wonderland pop-up book several years ago, led him down the paper engineering rabbit hole. He and Denice realized that people needed to see how pop-up books move in order to make a purchase online, so they started creating videos and posting them on Youtube, filling a niche and creating a community for those who love paper engineering and pop-ups. Enjoy our conversation!­­­­­

Did you know that you can subscribe to the Paper Talk podcast? Listen to the 50+ paper interviews I’ve done over the past few years, and be the first to find out about upcoming interviews with origami master Michael LaFosse, paper pioneer Douglass Howell’s daughter, and Pam Thorne, a paper artist in Tasmania.


In the Studio: Paper Weaving

I have joined the participants in my Weave Through Winter online class in creating a daily weaving for 30 days. It is challenging and rewarding in so many ways! Here’s my Day 9 weaving, which I’m calling Blanket of Snow.
Papery Tidbits:

  • Registration is now open and you are invited to my studio in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for the 7th Annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat! The 2020 Retreat theme is Woven Paper: Books/Vessels/Lighting.
  • The Paper Year is still available, now at a discount. I have just four more paper kits in stock + plenty copies of The Paper Year if you have your own paper stash.
  • We are sharing our projects from The Paper Year over in The Paper Studio, my free Facebook group. You can join the fun, even if you don’t have a copy of The Paper Year!


Rachel Hazell’s BookLove e-course attracts people from around the world to join the BookLove online community for two weeks of focused bookbinding. Freelance illustrator, Ceri Amphlett, outlines the impact that it has had on her work: ‘The flexibility to access and follow the course at my own pace from home was perfect. I enjoyed immersing myself in each of the projects, keeping a pace, sharing what I’d done and seeing what others had created and experienced. There was a real sense of community in the group, sharing our work and knowledge. All parts of the course felt lovingly designed and considered by Rachel from the written content to the tutorials and beautiful examples of her own work. There was plenty of guidance and inspiration as well as room to add your own thing. The writing exercises helped me realize how interested I am in words. Following the course, I brought together bits of my own writing and drawings and made an edition of hand bound books. The course has made a real impact on my working practice and still inspires me to explore my creativity.”
The next BookLove e-course starts on 24 February 2020. To sign up with a special 20% discount for readers of The Sunday Paper use the SUNDAYPAPER20 discount code.

© Ceri Amphlett: www.ceriamphlett.co.uk

Cubicards are popping up over in The Paper Studio! Here’s a lovely video created by Ruth Dailey, showing off her adaptation of the Cubicard design (special thanks to Lore Spivey). She’s sending these off as Valentine’s Day cards – what lucky recipients! If you’ve created the January project in The Paper Year, I hope you’ll post a photo in The Paper Studio. We’re wrapping up this project and will begin February’s project next week.

I love everything about this piece by Glen Baxter. I was really interested in the work of Kazimir Malevich (note the caption + look him up) early in my career. And this is ink and crayon on paper! Click through to see more of his witty work.

Glen Baxter, “‘And I’m Telling You, That’s A Dang-Blasted Malevich!’ Hollered The Curator” (2007), ink and crayon on paper, © Glen Baxter (all images courtesy of Flowers Gallery)

It isn’t every day that you see a book that’s illustrated with paper, in this case origami. Linda Stephen will launch her origami picture book, “The Day We Went to the Park,” Friday, Feb. 7 at Francie & Finch Bookshop in Lincoln, NE.

Live in Cleveland? This might be a reason to visit! The Cleveland Museum of Art is having an exhibition, Picasso and Paper, which opens Sunday, May 24: “Picasso’s relentless exploration of working on and with paper is featured in the many assembled collages of cut-and-pasted papers, sculptures from pieces of torn and burnt paper, documentary photographs and manipulated photographs on paper, and an array of printmaking techniques on paper supports,’’ the museum said in a news release.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
Word Broadsides, a selection of grid papers, The Paper Year, and Playing With Pop-Ups.
The Paper Year


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  1. Diane Eicher says:

    Helen: You may already know about this paper artist, liked below … if not, interesting stuff! My daughter came across her newest project on Instagram, paper “portraits,” where she folds paper to look like silhouettes of people. The process is pretty amazing. My apologies if you’ve already written about her!

  2. Thanks, Diane! I have written about her, but it’s been awhile…