Wishing You a Wonder-Filled Holiday Season

Wishing You a Wonder-Filled Holiday Season

The Sunday Paper #291
December 22, 2019

Paper of the Week: Arnold Grummer’s Annual Press Sale

It’s that time of year for Arnold Grummer’s Annual Press Sale. I bought one of these last year and have used it for a traveling papermaking workshop and for book binding – it is a well-crafted, sturdy small press, and I love it! I have the larger size. Take an add’l 10% off any regular or sale priced item – including presses! – with promo code SHOPSMALL. The discount will cover everything in your cart. Good from now until the end of the year. Santa says that price increases are coming in 2020, so now’s the time to pick up a press!


In the Studio: Happy Holidays!

This is the view I see each day when I leave my studio (ok, truth be told: there are a few things I have to look beyond to see this, like my car and a fence). But it makes me think about the saying Can’t see the forest for the trees. I can so easily get caught up in worrying about the details that I forget the big picture! How often do I walk out and make a beeline for my car, not even taking the time to look up?
This is my wish for me and for you this holiday season. Let’s all take a deep breath and see the forest, or our world, and think about how we are all here together. The details are important and different for each one of us, and our view of what the forest should be varies too, but let’s take a moment (or many moments) to appreciate what we share and honor it. And I’m going to try to take a peek at the view every time I walk out of the studio door.
And guess what? It will change, and how I see it will change, and I love that!
Wishing you a wonder-filled holiday season!


Papery Tidbits:


I met Maro Vanderou in Portland, and now we both live in different states, but paper connects us! A couple of years ago, she commissioned me to make three abaca papers for her book, Persephone’s Chamber. The book is sublime! The images are palladium printed on Echizen Shikibu Gampi paper, and my papers provide texture and translucency. Click through to watch the gorgeous video of the book by Ian Lucero (a fabulous filmmaker who I made The Papermaker’s Studio Guide and the Mother Tree documentary with).

Let it snow! I love this community building project that Muhlenberg Greene Architects does. Every year, they hold a snowflake making contest where staff members create a unique snowflake, and a winner is chosen by public choice. They have been making paper snowflakes for 30 years, and over time, the firm’s tradition has accumulated over 2,500 handmade paper snowflakes, hung from the ceiling during the holiday season. This year’s submissions will be added to the 2020 installation.

My sister-in-law introduced me to the work of Zarina several years ago when she took me to an exhibition in Chicago and gifted me a catalog of her work. And my friend Joyce was recently at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, where she snapped this photo of one of her pieces (on view through Feb 2, 2020).

Zarina, Beirut Summer, 1982, cast paper, 22 x 22 x 1 inches

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the marijuana enthusiast? Or maybe it’s an artist you still need to shop for. Or a book lover? Poposition Press (a small, independent publisher run by Rosston Meyer) has released Dimensional Cannabis, the world’s first pop-up book about marijuana. Meyer dreamed up the idea for a pop-up book about marijuana and tapped world-renowned American illustrator/graffiti writer/tattooer and artist Mike Giant to illustrate it. The book has a star-studded design cast too – each page spread is designed by a well-known paper engineer. Order a copy here.

Do you enjoy wrapping presents? Lia Griffith is a rising star who has turned her hobby into a lucrative business.


I love this one sheet wonder, a holiday card from Visart Display Corp. that I’ve had in my collection for decades. Here you see how the flat sheet was die cut, how it folds up and collapses to fit in a standard letter-size mailing envelope, and how it stands up with just a couple of tabs to hold everything in place!
Do you have a One Sheet Wonder? I am curating a gallery section in my new book to show off the potential of paper (featuring artwork, graphic design, fashion design and other wonders created from one sheet of handmade or machine-made paper). Fill out this form if you have something to share, and feel free to pass it along to other paper artists (deadline: 1/15/20). Although I can’t promise that your image will make the cut (there are so many factors involved), I plan to start showing off your One-Sheet-Wonders on the blog (like I’m doing today), leading up to the book’s publication.

Featured this week in my Studio shop:
Weave Through Winter Online Class, Vertices, an artist’s book, The Paper Year, and The Paper Lover’s Package.
The Paper Year

About our sponsor: Arnold Grummer’s ® offers paper making kits and supplies for PreK-12 art and science education, community art and nature centers, and studio paper and book artists. Wholesale available for qualified accounts. Contact Kim for more information.

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